A family pool party is one of the coolest parties that offer amazing fun in and around your new backyard oasis in Santa Clarita. It will take some work planning for a successful pool party. You can also use pool party ideas to enhance the party to get even better. The first thing you need is ideas for making invitations to the pool party. This is after you’ve known who you will invite and you should have an invitation list. You can create customized invitations using a touch of something, which reminds them of the water. You’ll be following a particular theme that you’ve chosen. Adapt or create a theme that will please you and your family please you.

New Backyard Oasis

Here are some pool party ideas to consider in your new backyard oasis:

1. Cooking the best pool-side food

You do not want to be in the kitchen the whole time your family members are enjoying the new backyard oasis.  The best options will be to have a pool-side barbecue. It is also beneficial to serve food items that can be prepared beforehand or purchased at the store such as vegetables, pasta salads or fresh fruit trays. Another good option if you have a large family is catering.

2. Pool party fun

When you invite loved ones to a pool party, there is usually a range of interests and ages to entertain. With a new backyard oasis, it’s possible to entertain both the old and the young. Just select fun-based activities that are a fit for everybody. Children love pool tools, diving sticks, and pool games, while older children or teenagers might enjoy a game of pool basketball or volleyball. Adults might want a game of Floating Ping Pong.

New Backyard Oasis

3. Keep things safe

During the pool party, don’t leave the kids unsupervised by your pool. It’s important that you have multiple adults to help with supervising the kids. Undoubtedly, you will have to go into the house to get towels to cook the food. If you’ve got some close friends or other parents to help supervise, that is great. You can also hire a local lifeguard for the day to keep an eye on the children.

4. Add some decorations and extra fun

Even if you do not have a theme, decorations are beneficial in creating ambiance or a pleasant look to your new backyard oasis space, and will wow your family. Choices are almost limitless for pool-side dish and serving ware, lounge chair cushions, pool-side furniture, and even lighting. It will help to choose a color palette and an overall feel and look for the decor. If you do not feel you’ve got the eye to choose the decor yourself, an exterior decorator will help you find the best pool decor.

New Backyard Oasis

Ready for your own new backyard oasis!

Having a pool party in your new backyard oasis in Santa Clarita offers lots of fun, whether it’s with your family, guests or close friends coming over. It can be a relaxing way for you to set off your holiday or weekend. Feel free to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita today to get your own custom inground pool or do a renovation on your existing pool.

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