With limited space available each and everything, living small has become the newest trend. Accompanying this trend officially are small pool designs, which are perfect for those who do not want to install an Olympic style pool. Small swimming pools consume less space and need less maintenance. Hence, it is a perfect makeover for your backyard.

Small Pools Perfectly Complement Small Backyard

small pool ideas

Most of the homeowners suffer from the problem of a smaller yard. But despite it, you can think of having a pool with a smaller footprint.

A small pool can be tucked into any corner of the yard. Though small in size, it can perfectly cater to the fun needs of your kids during hot summer days.

Pep Up Narrow Spaces with Lap Pools

If you have a narrow backyard, consider designing a lap pool.

Lap pools are narrow and long and do not need much space in the way.

Avoid Going for Rectangular Shapes

elevated pool

Most of the pools are a rectangle. But if there is limited space then a wise use is creating a pool in square shape. Pools in square shape need less space, and still, can look modern and chic.

Square shaped pools are big enough to offer you a quick dip when the sun is bright. They are just perfect to get that feeling of a big-sized pool.

Put a Pool Against Your Favorite Wall

To complement your gorgeous courtyard, let your swimming pool extend right up to the perimeter wall.

This implies you can place it against any wall of your preference and gain access from three sides. For an awkward shaped space, it is an ultimate solution.

Angular Pool Design for Unique Spaces

If your pool is built at an angle, you may not be able to find the perfect pool solution for it. In this situation, get a pool designed with efficient space planning.

There are many small pool designs available for unique spaces. Pick a pool design that fits perfectly well to the design of your house.

A Pool with a Deck

pool patio ideas

If there is already a deck in your house, think about integrating a pool to it. Adding a small pool to the existing set up will extend your deck’s functionality.

At the same time, it offers enough space for swimming without the need of additional foundations.

Design a Water-Feature

Consider every possibility and check every angle and if you still think that a swimming pool will not work on your property, then add a small-sized water feature.

It can be a reflecting pool or a unique water feature that does not permit swimming. But, it would bring in some serenity and peace to your space. At the same time, you can always dip your feet into the pool area.

A Small Indoor Pool

For ample space indoors and limited space outdoors, the best option is to install a pool indoors. However, an indoor pool needs a bit more effort and time, and it might not be a viable option for homeowners with a limited budget.

Small pool designs are great to add a natural element to your house and at the same time serve your purpose of swimming and endless enjoyment. Don’t refrain yourselves from the fun of pool as small pools are the trendiest option to go for.

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