When you are thinking about your Memorial day pool party at your Vacaville home, don’t forget your pool checklist. We know you are excited to get into your pool, but you need to make sure it is ready to go by opening it up soon enough before the party. In this article, we are going to give you a pool checklist to go through to make sure your pool party is going to be a must and not a bust.

pool checklist

Pool Checklist to Follow

If you don’t have a pool checklist, it is easy to get lost in what you are supposed to do and forget one of the important tasks. If it is helpful to you, save this post on your phone and pull it up as you are getting everything together.

Gather Your Supplies

The things you will need as you are getting ready to open your pool are as follows: test kit, opening chemical kit, telescopic pole, pool pump cover vac, skimmer head, vacuum head, vacuum hose, pool brush, tools for checking and maintaining the pump, filter, and heater (if applicable), lubricant for o-rings, valves, and fittings.

pool checklist

Prepare to Remove the Cover

Before you remove your cover, you need to make sure clean up around the pool is checked on your pool checklist. You should have all debris swept away from the pool as well as anything that has blown on top of the pool cover. If your pool cover is wet and has debris on it, use the pool cover pump to get the water off the cover and once it is dry you can get a blower or broom to get the debris off the top of the cover to be taken away from the pool.

Remove the Pool Cover

Once all the debris is off the pool cover and you’ve checked that off the pool checklist, you can now take the pool cover off of the pool. Make sure you clean it and dry it before folding it up and keeping it in a dry place.

Pump Priming & Filter Prep

pool checklist

If your pool has been closed well, your water might be clear under the cover but many covers do not do as good of a job as people might like. If your pool water is murky and needs work done then you need to go to the pump room and get ready for cleaning. All electrical connections, fittings, o-rings, and filters should be checked first to make sure they are working properly. You should only backwash the filter if it is needed.

Once you are done with those things, you need to fill the pool to the proper water line, skim, scrub and vacuum to ensure all debris has been worked up and removed. Once you are finished with that, it is time to test the water, finish inspecting and shock the pool as needed. If you need any help with your project to make sure you get your pool checklist done, make sure to give us a call.

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