Pool cleaning is an important task, especially if you’re unsure of all the cleaning that is required of your Woodburn pool. If you haven’t been around pools much, you may have heard a lot about chlorine, but don’t understand what it does. In this article, we are going to talk more about pool cleaning as well as answering your question about chlorine.

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Pool Cleaning & Chlorine

Not everyone wants to use chlorine in their pool and pool professionals say that there are ways to achieve pool cleaning without using chlorine. Most people stick with using chlorine since the alternatives are often expensive to install. However, some people are irritated by chlorine and rather use alternative cleaning methods.

Some people are allergic to chlorine, so there is no choice whether or not to use chlorine. If this is the case with you, there is hope and there are other options that will allow you to enjoy the swimming pool. Here are some things that are going to help you stay away from chlorine but still keep your pool clean.

Bromine – Working as a sanitizer, bromine is ideal for people that have chlorine allergies since the bromine is mixed with chlorine and allows you to use less chlorine to clean the water.

PHMB is a compound that is not going to oxidize the water. If you are working with a pool professional, they will add hydrogen peroxide and algaecide to keep your water sparkling clean.

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Ozonator is a system that can be installed in your pool to inject ozone gas into the water. The gas reacts with anything impure in the water and gets rid of it. You can get ultraviolet light ozonators or corona discharge ozonators. UV light is used to kill bacteria in pool water with one of them and with the corona system, an electrical arc creates ozone and kills pathogens that are in the water.

Salt chlorination systems use table salt to clean the water. The inside of the salt water chlorine system has salt that is converted to chlorine to clean the water. Users say the water is soft and makes their skin feel silky. Though the salt is converted to chlorine, it is a much lower level than if you were using chlorine to clean the water.

Natural pools have an area adjacent to the pool and for pool cleaning, plants are put in the additional pool to filter the pool water and remove impurities in the water.

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Making Your Pool Cleaning Decision

There is a variety of pool cleaning options for you to choose from and most importantly keeping your pool pump running. When your chemicals are perfectly balanced & you have the water circulating throughout your swimming pool it will stay crystal clear. Don’t forget to contact Premier Pool Service for any maintenance needs you might have. We will be glad to give you pointers on the best solution for your pool. We have over 30 years of experience with pools and we would be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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