Pool lighting has a dramatic effect on your backyard ambiance. You would not want to stop the fun after the sun goes down. Here are some ideas to light up your pool and keep the fun going.

Do Not Under-Light Your Pool

There is nothing like too much light to your pool. Having two to three light fixtures will create a unique pool style. The number may, however, vary depending on the size of your pool. Having adequate lighting will even prevent nighttime damages you may face around the pool. Create visually stunning effects with the lights. Pool lights are available in various colors, sizes, and capacities. This diversity will allow you to juggle the colors, models, and effects. Feast your eyes with the new found luxury in your pool.

floating pool lights

Place The Lights Strategically

Low voltage pool lighting is ideal for the areas that surround your pool. They produce soft light and consumes less energy. Have the lights flashing at the trees to give a sculptural quality. Consider having your pathways lit up. This action helps you to navigate the pool area during the night safely. You can even consider lighting up your patio for easy maneuver.

Use beautiful, bright lights that draw you out for enjoying your outdoor landscape. Consider lighting pergolas, specimen plants, and decks as well. Buy easy to install lights that make the entire process hassle-free.

Set The Mood With Outdoor Moonlighting

Have both functional and mood lighting around your pool. Most times, nighttimes will witness people socializing and cooking. This can sometimes be accompanied by swimming. Avoid using harsh spotlights in the pool area. Do not have the light glaring into the people’s face. Use the right combination of lighting effects to create a soothing effect around your pool.

Remember that natural lighting is the best inspiration for creating some fantastic pool lighting effects. Do you have a tree canopy that hangs over your pool’s deck? Then moonlight can create a dreamy effect. Consider using moonlights on tall trees or the other side of your house.

types of pool lighting

String Lighting

Do you want to create a festive pool atmosphere? Then string lighting is just right for you. Lights hanging around your pool can quickly set the mood for a party. You don’t have to use them strictly for entertainment. Hang them casually in the pergola or over the trees. Only your imagination can limit your fun. Create wonderful configurations and patterns. Make your pool area dazzling with your creativity.

Use Colored Lights For Water

Pool lighting can be customized for your needs. Your kids will love the concept of having colored lights in the water. You can brighten up the mood by using attractive colored lights. These lights let you program them for specific colors and patterns. Create a spectacular show by using the right color combination. Some lights can even be rotated. These lights are perfect for everyday use as well as for special occasions. Irrespective of the time, they are a great way to add life to an ordinary pool ambiance.

The number of options for lighting up your pool is limitless. Pool lights can be combined in different ways to produce beautiful landscapes. They also provide safety and allow you to tread the outdoors with ease.

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