Thinking of renovating your pool to make it fabulous? Perhaps you’re pondering over the idea of building a new pool in your backyard to relax after a stressful day? Whether the kids want to play in the pool after school or you seek some low key relaxation, it’s important to incorporate versatility to the pool with these fun features. Here are some pool features for that Marin pool contractors can craft out just for you!

Glorious Waterfalls

7 Amazing Pool Features for Your Family 1

Adding a waterfall to your pool is much like having a mini version of Niagara Falls in your backyard. Let the cacophony of the gushing water fill your ears and make you feel peaceful. Add some jazz music to the vibe, simply close your eyes and you’ll be transported to another world! Moreover, a waterfall adds style and luxury to the backyard so you’ll be proud to show your guests around the new pool.

Think About Adding a Hot Tub or Jacuzzi!

Who needs a visit to the spa when they can build a spa on their lawn? Add a hot tub or a Jacuzzi as it’s the best way to let go of the stress and relax in some warm water. Speed jets that massage your muscles all along can add some fun elements to the whole experience.

Opt for Pretty Connecting Bridges

Build a bridge over your pool connecting the sides together that acts as a walkway. It adds an interesting feature to your home exterior. This way you can keep an eye on your kids swimming in the deep end of the pool without having to get into the water. In addition, it can be relaxing to swim under the bridge.

Amaze Your Little Ones with a Stunning Water Park

pool slides

Make your pool akin to a water park for kids by adding a slide into the pool. It makes the swim more exciting for your teens! Everyone is a child at heart so it’s a great feature for adults too. Who doesn’t like to slide down in a spiral from a height only to sink into the calm waters!

Graduated Entrance

This is a feature that must be incorporated for safety, as beginners and kids may not be entirely confident swimming at the deep end. The shallow end is also a great spot to hold a match of water polo with the kids.

Light It Up!

You can reach out to Marin pool contractors who can add LED lights in the pool and along the bridge. This makes the whole place look spectacular during the night. Colour changing lights could be added to the waterfall to enhance the look. This way the pool area can be the idyllic milieu to plan parties. A fireplace could also be incorporated to keep you warm on those long wintry nights.

Water Cascading from Scuppers

These come in a variety of sizes and give a calming aura to the pool. It can be a good feature to introduce to your custom spa along with a Jacuzzi.

Many rely on Marin pool contractors for eye-catching water features and you could do the same!

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