Backyard swimming pools are a necessary luxury. Yet, having a pool built in your home exterior can mean it shall need routine maintenance. If you wish to maintain it on your own, use these tips to keep your outdoor pool OKC healthy.

Keep the Water Clean and Clear 

It is obvious that having clean water in your pool should be your first priority. You need to clean the water in your pool regularly to make sure that it does not turn green. Make sure to keep your pool free of any debris and or leaves on a regular basis because a clean pool is not merely for guests but for you too. 

Pool Filters

Clean the Filters Regularly 

Found in every pool, skimmers pose the biggest cleansing hurdle in a pool. They are the rectangular openings which draw water from the surface of the pool. Their function is to filter out the water from contaminants such as twigs, hair, oils, algae, etc. It’s important to maintain the skimmers and clean them out regularly before they emanate a foul odor.

Make sure to clean the filter of the pool for a soiled filter can make the water turn green even when the levels of the chemicals are balanced. When the water passes through the filter, many tiny particles might cling onto the filter, necessitating frequent cleaning. 

Vacuum It 

Vacuuming the pool after skimming can make your pool even cleaner. You can also purchase a rake or a net to clean out the leaves and debris which may be released from the skimmer.

Maintain the pH Level

The pH scale is a measurement of acidity or alkalinity of any liquid. It runs from 0 to 14. A pH at 7 indicates water which is the neutral state, above 7 indicates alkalinity and below 7 indicates acidity. The ideal pH Level for your outdoor pool OKC should be around 7.4. Make sure that you maintain this level on a weekly basis.

Pool Water Testing


Chlorine in the water acts as a disinfectant. This makes regular chlorination necessary as chlorine kills the microorganisms that might threaten pool hygiene. Conduct a customary check on the chlorine level for proper cleaning. 

Maintain the Water Levels

It’s obvious that the water level of your pool would decrease, be it due to evaporation or kids splashing about in it. You must make sure that your pool’s water level does not fall below the skimmer, as this would damage the pump. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to refill the pool regularly with a water pipe or a garden hose.

Cleaning the Tiles and Walls

There may be a few things that could get stuck on the walls of the pool. Brushing and cleaning the walls after vacuuming the pool can help you overcome the issue.

Consider Hiring Trained Personnel 

Even if you have made up your mind to maintain the pool yourself; hiring a trained team of pool cleaners every once a while would be beneficial.

There might be things that you could miss out on, which the outdoor pool OKC pool cleaning professionals would not. A regular check can avoid a bigger problem and keep your pool healthy!

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