If you and your loved ones enjoy swimming and hanging out at the pool but do not have plenty of space in your backyard in Santa Clarita, do not worry! There are lots of small pool designs to decide on when you need a relaxing pool at your home. You can decide what you prefer best, based on your sense of style and space you have.

small pool designs

Small Pool Designs that are Perfect for Small Backyards

1. A Spool

This type of pool essentially doubles as a spa. For this reason, not only will you own a pool in your backyard, but also a spa!

2. Round Pool

Depending on your yard’s shape, a round pool may be a perfect choice. It can offer a small, appealing pool that will easily fit in small areas. It’s a good complement to specific trends in backyard landscaping.

Circular pools are an alternative to the rectangle pool if you want for a modern, sleek look in your outdoor space.

3. The Plunge Pool

These small pool designs are a good option for homeowners with small outdoor spaces. Though they are often of average depth, they are usually smaller and offer fewer needs than standard pools. What is good about plunge pools is that they are usually inexpensive choice than a large pool.

small pool designs

Their limited size also provides homeowners with better flexibility over the best places to install them. While plunge pools may not be perfect for those who like to do laps in the pool, they provide the same opportunity for family relaxation similar to other full-sized pools.

4. Small Infinity Pool

Does your outdoors face a water body or other sorts of natural features, which may accommodate this pool type? An infinity pool, by description, is a pool that’s set to look as if it merges with your landscaping, an ocean or lake. These pools can be small and are breathtaking as well.

5. A Lap Pool

Fitness enthusiasts like the workout they get in pools. Not everyone is at ease with swimming in the pool at the gym or in a community pool. So, what’s the way out? Why not consider a long, rectangular pool for swimming laps that will fit in the space available?

Small Pool Features:

Regardless of the size, even a small pool can have some wonderful features, which include:

  • Firepit
  • Jacuzzi
  • Therapy jets
  • LED Lights
  • Bubbler
  • Fountain
  • Seating benches

Small Pool Designs are Possible!

Simply because you have a small yard does not mean you should not think about installing a small pool to enjoy year-round in Santa Clarita. Not only will a spool visually improve your outdoor space, but it will also create a space for enjoying outdoor activities with the children or just for relaxation for the adults.

small pool designs

Small Pool Designs – Conclusion

If you want to install a small pool, make sure you talk to someone with a lot of design expertise. They can help ensure the pool will make your outdoor space amazing. Premier Pools & Spas of Santa Clarita has many years of innovative design expertise! We’ll be able to offer a free consultation and ensure that your new pool fulfills all your desires for an outdoor water experience. Contact us today to get started!

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