The sound and sight of falling water in your backyard is perhaps the most tranquil experience you can enjoy. Curtain water feature transforms your pool into a charming oasis, a family water park, and a focal point of admiration. Many available options let you integrate this feature in either subtle or dramatic ways into your pool.

What is a Rain Curtain for a Swimming Pool Design?

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A rain curtain is a water feature added to your pool for creating a stunning visual effect. In addition, the sound of rainfall in your backyard is sure to have a soothing effect on you. Rain curtains create the illusion of a water wall by having a stream of water flowing continuously in your backyard. It is usually mounted on a wall, overhang or pergola roof and falls int your pool.

Rain Curtain Ideas for Your Pool

Rain Curtain from the Roof

Do you have a concrete roof in your patio that extends to the pool? If yes, then consider having a rain curtain on the roof. The water will drain into your pool and transform your patio into a place of splendid tranquility. You can add more beauty by surrounding your pool with beautiful flower beds.

Mediterranean Effect

You can install a rain curtain water feature in the stones and rocks as well. Have this feature to emerge from your stone wall or other stone decors you may have by your pool. Water from the rain curtains create a small pond and elevates the beauty of your backyard.

Simple Rain Curtain

Create a simple curtain water feature by installing it right next to your pool. Have a frame to surround your pool and see the rain curtain create the magic. Water from your pool is recycled and falls right back into your swimming pool. It is made possible by using the beams that surround your pool structure. It is simple to create and visually appealing.

What Are the Available Shapes?

It is possible to customize the curtain water feature to make it linear, curved, or as a maze. You can have the rain curtain to be designed as a waterfall against a wall. It can also be in a free-standing form in an atrium, for instance. Rain curtains are splash-free and add to the wow factor. Do you covet for the sound of rain but running short on backyard space? Rain curtains are the best for this situation and have a distinct edge over typical water fountains.

Where Does the Water Go?

Rain curtains use specially designed troughs to collect the falling water. The whole system performs like a closed loop system. The collected water is pumped to the top of the curtain and again falls through the rain nozzles. Your outdoors will also be kept clean because this water feature is splash-free.

Complete Features and Feel of Rain Water

retaining wall

Water curtains use several gallons of water for improving the beauty of your yard. The rainfall form works with the help of gravity. It creates the soft music of rain and resembles a natural waterfall. It not only enhances your outdoor beauty but also helps in destressing. Rain curtains need minimal maintenance, making them an attractive water feature to add.

Rain curtains are one of the most beautiful water features to add. They improve your outdoor beauty and helps to calm your mind. Also, they come in many attractive shapes and you can customize to suit your requirements. Get one today to experience the change in your backyard ambiance.

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