Are you planning to upgrade your backyard using pool lights? Have your pool sparkling in the night with these beautiful lights. Cool and trendy lights are in high demand today. Here are some things you should know about pool lighting.

Types of Pool Lighting

nicheless led pool light

LED Lights

These eco-friendly pool lights are durable and bright. They typically provide 30,000 hours of lighting in comparison to the 5,000 hours of traditional incandescent bulbs. You can choose LED lights to light up underwater areas or above your pool. They are fashionable and offer a broad mix of colors. You can program these color bulbs to light up in a rhythmic manner.

Fiber Optic Lights

Bring down the starry effect from the sky on to your pool. Dazzle your pool base with fiber optic lights. Light up your pool’s rim with these amazing lights. Fiber optic cables do not carry electricity in them. So, they are safe to use underwater. They are slightly dull in contrast to LED lights. You may need more fiber optic strands to produce the desired effect.

Floating Lights

These pool lights make use of rechargeable batteries and are an economical lighting option. They vary in styles and colors. They can freely swim in your pool, or you can tether it to a particular spot of your choice. A solar version of floating lights is also available.

How Many Lights Do You Need?

There are no exact formulas that determine the number of lights you may need. Consider factors like pool size, pool surface, color, and output of the lights, and the extent of light’s usage. This will help you gauge the exact number required.

On a rough scale, one bright LED light is enough to light up a rectangular shaped pool. You may need more lights if you own a larger pool or have a pool of asymmetric shape. Darker pool surface will also invite more pool lights.

These lights can be placed either at the end or in the middle of an average pool. Remember to face the lights away if you are choosing to put them on your pool’s edges. Hiding the light source will have a better effect on your pool.

Colors and Control

LED pool light

LED lights are available in many vibrant colors. Some are available in 16 different varieties. You can even change these colors as per your need. Controlling the color pattern is done through a light controller or remote control. Premium pools also provide you the option to change colors from your smartphone!

Quality of Light

High-quality LED lights help to widen your pool’s illumination than the traditional halogen lights. LEDs scatter the light beam while the halogen lights provide focused lighting. The light quality also depends on the beam angles. Some lights can be spread 180 degrees, providing broader coverage. Others provide narrow beams that let you highlight a specific feature of your pool. Choose these lights based on the lighting effect you are trying to achieve.

Lights for your pool create a magical effect that adds life to your backyard aesthetic. The styles and colors of these lights are nearly endless. Your choice of light will determine the brightness and styling that you can achieve with these lights.

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