When pool owners think of adding exciting pool features to their pools, they typically think of slides, diving boards, or waterfalls. But, if you’re getting started on planning your new pool, there are many features that you might not have thought about, that can take your pool to an entirely new level.

Here are a few fun pool features for you to consider, when building your new swimming pool.

vanishing edge pool

Vanishing Edges

A Vanishing edge or disappearing edge pool helps create a defined space while tricking the eye. Vanishing edges merge visually with whatever view lies in the background – ocean, sky, or vista-creating a romantic and flawless illusion.

Vanishing edge pool features do have an edge, which meets the water level instead of above it, so that water flows over the edge. A trough or catch basin is installed to catch the overflow. The water is collected and pumped back into the pool.

pool deck jets

Deck Jets

Create a water show in your backyard by including deck jets in your pool build. Deck jets are fun for kids to play in or around. For adults, they can provide a soothing running water sound.

Deck jet pool features can be cast into gunite pool walls, mounted in the sidewall of above-ground pools, or blended into your surrounding landscape.

Pool Features You Might Not Have Thought About 1

Sheer Descent

Rain curtain and sheer arc are some of the other names of this hypnotizing enhancement. Smartly positioned sheer descents with varying widths can create glass-like sheets of water that add a dynamic sense of movement.

Smartly positioned sheer descents can create glass-like sheets of water that can be standalone landscape features, too.

Wok Pots/Scuppers/Fire Bowls

Complete your swimming pool design with concrete woks, pool scuppers, and other types of pool pots. Wok pots come in a variety of materials and sizes. From stainless steel to stone, you can find wok pots that match other embellishments in your yard or pool.

You can choose a single wok pot to add simplistic drama or a series of pots for an over-the-top experience.

fire bowl

Raised Bond Beams

A raised bond beam, or RBB, can be used to manage different grades of your backyard without having to build a retaining wall. However, raised bond beams also add depth and dimension to your pool area.

The RBB raised wall can be covered with stone, quartz or tile, to coordinate with the rest of your pool area. You can also use them to house the aforementioned jets and wok pots.

These are just a few of the many pool features that swimming pool owners can add to jazz up their backyard adventures and make their outdoor spaces unique. If you’re interested in adding any of these features, or are looking for creative solutions for your swimming pool experience, check out the gorgeous images on Pinterest for more ideas.

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