Giant trees are the best way to receive shade in your backyard. It’s convenient to relax under a shaded area of your backyard during the hot summer days in Treasure Island, Florida. However with the modern architectural properties, there aren’t many trees to provide shaded areas. That is why Premier Pools & Spas of St. Petersburg recommends that you incorporate shaded structures into your backyard.

Adding Pool Cabanas to Your Backyard Design

Shaded Living Space

There are multiple different types of structures that you can build in your backyard that will provide you and your family a nice place to relax in the shade. Shade is important to have over your additional seating areas in your backyard. While the kids are splashing in the swimming pool, the adults can hangout in the shade. With the persistent heat in Treasure Island, FL shade is important! Let’s see what shaded structure is best for your Treasure Island backyard.

  1. Pergola- This is the most common shaded structure available from Premier Pools & Spas of St. Petersburg. A pergola built towards the end of the patio process, and is a tall structure made up on wood or stone. A pergola can match the theme of your backyard very easily and it is guaranteed to provide you and your family the shade that you are looking for.
  2. Extended Decking- Typically if your house already has a deck, we will extend your deck and roofing that is around it which provides you with an extra seating area that is covered.
  3. Shade Umbrella- The name says it all, you can install a big umbrella that will provide shade where ever you want it to. They can be attached to tables or have them hang over lounge chairs around your swimming pool.
  4. Cabanas- A cabana is quite similar to a pergola because it is a tall structure that is solidly built into the ground. Cabanas are a modern structure that typically is made out of stone or wood. A Cabana will provide you with the shade that you are looking for as well as add into the theme of your backyard.

Add Shade to your Treasure Island Backyard 1Splash in the Swimming Pool

While you are considering adding a structure that provides shade to your backyard, design your whole backyard and build a swimming pool. Installing a swimming pool and building a cabana with extra seating is the perfect backyard oasis. Every kid dreams of having their own swimming pool to jump in during hot summer days. Having a swimming pool in your backyard makes it the perfect spot for birthday and pool parties. You would be able to have family and friends over for gatherings. Building the perfect backyard oasis also allows you to have a nice spot to come home and relax in.

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