Most pools in South Florida now have waterfalls on their edges to enhance their overall look. Their design ensures that water drops into the pool, thus forming a never-ending water effect with the swimming pool. To offer a glittering effect, you can consider strategically placing small submersible bulbs at the point in which the water just hits your pool. You can also offer different colors to your waterfall by using colored bulbs.


What you might not have realized is that adding waterfalls into the pool design can be inexpensive and simple. A pool design professional at Premier Pools & Spas of South Florida will help you create some ideas to suit your pool design as well as your budget.

Different Types of Waterfalls for your Backyard Pool:

Sheer Waterfalls:

These are the modern version of waterfalls for swimming pools. Rather than an intricate, natural look of rock waterfalls – sheer offers a simple, minimalistic design.

Rock Waterfalls:

These features look great in tropical themed pools. Rock waterfalls can resemble natural rock structures, which vary from simple rock formations to more intricate structures.

Water Wall:

These kinds of waterfalls have rippling pool water dropping over a wall surface. The choice of material you use for the wall can further enhance the water’s effect. For instance, the rough surface of rocky walls will create appealing movements, while smooth marble walls will cause an even and soft flow.


Stone Stack Cascade:

This feature lets water to constantly flow over artfully piled up stones. It will create a calming setting and offers a unique, natural look.

Rainfall Curtain Waterfall:

A rainfall curtain is a stunning curtain of water. These waterfalls are classic options and very therapeutic.

Just like any other remodeling project, you need to plan when incorporating a waterfall so you can get the best results. Take a look at these few tips for planning.

  • Adhere to local pool regulations, and ensure that your waterfall doesn’t make you go against any of them.
  • Select a waterfall design to go with the area you’ve chosen for it. You can create drawings of your ideas to help you better convey what you need to your pool design professional.
  • Inspect the area where you want to have the waterfall, and ensure that there’s sufficient space to accommodate your waterfall’s both visible and concealed parts.

Incorporating a waterfall to your backyard pool is a decision that you and your loved ones will definitely enjoy. Talk to a pool design professional at Premier Pools & Spas today! They will help you create the stunning waterfall of your dreams.waterfalls

Ready to Add Waterfalls? Call the Experts!

Incorporating a waterfall to your pool in South Florida will involve a great knowledge about your pool’s filtration, masonry, mechanics, pump systems and drainage. Once we install your waterfall, our expert team at Premier Pools & Spas of South Florida will take care of any needed pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Along with what we’re able to do inside of your backyard oasis, we can also enhance your poolside space by adding in landscaping or offering your deck an upgrade. Whether you choose a waterfall or some other water feature, be certain that our professional team will help you make the most out of your backyard oasis!

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