While selecting a pool shape, many Houston homeowners prefer the latest trends. Even you might want to get the best among the types of pools you have viewed. However, there is no definitive answer to the question; “what is the perfect pool shape?” It depends on the type of backyard you have, your requirements, and why you wish to build your pool. One’s pool shape and style might not fit the home and environment of their neighbors. So, you need to keep all these factors in mind while designing the pool as the focal point of your home or garden.

Factors to Consider

Once you have considered the factors like price, size, space available, and the intended use of the pool, you can make your choice. Then comes the design, features, and additional elements to make your pool more beautiful and appealing to the eye.

Choosing a pool design for your luxury swimming pool can be an enriching experience. The team at Premier Pools & Spas is always available to discuss with you and clear all your doubts about pool building. We try to help ease your dilemma with these most popular pool shapes to choose from.

Kidney-Shaped Pools

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Kidney pools fit perfectly within a curve-shaped garden. It is also your best option if you are on a budget. Kidney pools are curved on both ends, with one larger than the other. These curved bowl-shaped pools first became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. And now, they have seen immense popularity in recent times.

Due to the versatility of the designs, these are the most preferred options for small spaces. Since you get more area for the pool, than you need in length and width, they are also inexpensive to install. With added features like pool benches or a sun shelf, you can get more lounge area on the pool deck.

Roman and Grecian Classic Pools

The classic Roman and Grecian types of pools have been in use since centuries. These pools, known for their stylish and ancient architecture, make for more elegant options. The primary difference between the two styles is the angle of curvature involved.

While the Roman pools have a curved edge on both sides of the rectangular pool, the Grecian pools have modified 90-degree angled corners. Based on your tastes, you can customize these with modern looking lines or softer curves with rounded looks. However, due to the cut off corners, you get less square footage than perimeter area.

Rectangular Lap Pools

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Geometric pools have always been popular with lap swimmers. Particularly, most Houston homes sport lap pools in rectangular shapes. Since the length of the pool is more than its width, these pools can also fit into a small backyard.

Avid swimmers and water aerobics lovers can get most of these pools as they are designed for exercising. One added advantage is that you can soften their appearance by rounding off the corners. However, cleaning and maintenance might be difficult as you have to reach the tight corners.

L-Shaped Pools

For irregularly shaped spaces, you can get L-shaped or lazy L-shaped pools. They are suitable for you if you wish to have a watering hole running around your home. These resemble rectangular pools in design but have a foot or a smaller section that extends sideways from the pool.

You can use these types of pools for swimming laps, exercise, or to dive. These are also excellent options for children to play and have fun in. The main section has space to enjoy your lap swimming, while the side section has pool entry steps and a shallow pool for relaxing. This means two groups of people can enjoy the same pool for different purposes without clashing.

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