This summer, are you unable to get away for your yearly holiday and are bound to your home? Or, maybe you plan to make the most of your beautiful backyard. Either way, there are ways you can turn the hangout by your humble backyard pool into a mesmerizing stay-cation. All you need are some cool new upgrades and trendy patio furniture to make this summer a memorable one.

Souderton Staycation

Work Out the Details

The key point to having a stunning backyard is to get your theme properly mapped out. Sit with your New Orleans pool builder and work out the design and style you need for your pool. Go for landscaping ideas that gel with your pool style. After all, you will be spending most of your stay-cation at your home by the pool. And it helps to have a picturesque view to go with it.

Add a Bit of a Contrast

Having your home and your backyard styles in complete contrast with each other lets you have an unforgettable stay-cation. If your home has hints of colonial architecture, modern patio furniture will do the trick. Or, if you are into de-cluttering, limit it to your home interiors and opt for a free form pool. Invest in a soothing Zen garden with rocks and a small fountain or surrounded by cool water features.

Create a Surreal Lounge Area

First, pay attention to your deck, outdoor kitchen, and spa addition for your pool. Particularly the patio furniture must be very comfortable, yet chic and effortless. You might consider adding a hammock by the pool or a porch swing, where you can laze around with your favorite book. In addition, a hot tub or a fire pit in your backyard adds more options to enjoy your “me time” even in the summer nights. Furthermore, use mood lighting to take you into an enchanting fantasy world during your staycation.

Spruce Things Up

In addition to making way for brand new elements for your staycation like the above, you must also take care of existing areas. Regular pool maintenance is a must to keep it in a good shape and provide a hygienic space for your family. Adjust your pool chemistry, brush the tiles, and get rid of any debris before you dive in. Keep your plants lush and green by trimming out the discolored leaves. Don’t forget to replace any broken or old furniture and give them a paint job if needed.

Souderton Staycation

Focus on Your Privacy

Your perfect staycation can get ruined if you keep receiving unwanted guests. That might be your visitors, friendly rodents or random people peeping in. One important thing people tend to neglect is the power of a screen door. It keeps the leaves and bugs out, and you can enjoy the view of the outside. Install high fences to get some privacy for yourself while you spend time in your hot tub. Hedges or screens in your backyard can be useful for separating one section from the other- like the kids play area to the entertainment section.

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