Consider building a disappearing edge pool to make your Las Vegas home more alluring and interesting. Also known as vanishing edge, zero edge, negative edge, forever pools, or infinity edge swimming pools, these types of pools look as if they vanish on one side. They provide grand dramatic illusions where your pools feel like they extend into the horizon. If you are intrigued by this concept and want an infinity pool in your backyard, read on below to know more.

Origins of Disappearing Edge Pools

Having originated in France, the concept of infinity pools first appeared in exotic resorts and luxury view homes. However, the vanishing edge pool soon became a popular residential trend. Many homeowners now opt for infinity pools to create their own backyard paradise.

An infinity pool has a vanishing edge design that eliminates the look of a wall on its far end. This makes your pool design look blended into the background and the sky beyond. Needless to say, you have an exciting swimming experience, and your backyard looks way larger than it actually is.

Disappearing Edge Pool Design

Vanishing edge pool

The charm of the disappearing edge pool design lies in the fact that one of its four sides vanishes into the surroundings. This way, your pool becomes the main focus of your backyard.

Here, you lower the pool’s back wall and create an edge that is on the same level as the pool water. A thin sheet of water flowing over this edge is collected in a catch basin located below. A pump circulates this overflow back to the pool.

Benefits of Disappearing Edge Pools

Stylish Design

They make for classy backyard pool choices in elegant designs. They also go well with any kind of backyard landscape.


Young and old, swimmers to loungers, anyone can use these pools. Although the main appeal lies in their looks, you can use them for serious swim sessions.

Amazing Looks

infinity edge

You can make them in any shape and size you wish, depending on your backyard. Own a magnificent outdoor space with an infinity edge pool in your backyard.

Custom Options

You can add a wading pool for kids or a spa to your infinity edge pool. This is one of the significant benefits you get as the designs are customizable to fit your needs.

Easy Maintenance

All pools need cleaning and maintenance from time to time – which means you need to drain the pool. But with infinity edge pools, the water is filtered continuously and circulated. For this reason, the upkeep of these pools is easy compared to other pools.

Disappearing Edge Pool Inspiration

Building a brand new pool is a huge investment that offers you entertainment and adds value to your home. Besides, it is also an emotional purchase. So, choosing the right pool builder is a must.

If you need inspiration for stunning disappearing edge pools, take the advice of pool experts of Las Vegas. Visit Premier Pools & Spas to take a look at our past projects!

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