Cleaning the pool is an important part of pool maintenance and to make it safe for everyone to enjoy. It is quite a bit of work to clean a swimming pool and you are more likely to miss a few things when you do it yourself. To make things easy for you we have shared a few tips on how to clean your swimming pool like a professional.

Step #1- Clean the Surroundings/Deck

pool on wooden deck

The first thing to do is to clean the pool deck and pool surroundings. A lot of dirt gets accumulated on the pool deck and if you don’t clean up, the dirt ends up in the swimming pool. By keeping the surroundings and pool deck clean, you can prevent debris from getting inside the pool.

Step#2- Check the Equipment

Many pool owners ignore the state and performance of the equipment for cleaning the pool. If the filter system is not functioning optimally, the water inside the pool may not look sparkling clean. There are chances the filters are clogged or broken. It is always a good idea to check the state of the filter system when cleaning your swimming pool.

Step #3- Empty Skimmer Baskets

The basket inside the pool skimmer holds dirt, and debris or any material that can damage your pool pump or pool filter. Though the basket holds the dirt, the dirt load is still inside the pool system. The dirt inside the skimmer basket can promote algae growth and make the water cloudy. Hence, you need to empty the skimmer baskets while cleaning your swimming pool.

Step #4- Use a Leaf Rake to Remove Larger Debris

Tips on How to Clean your Swimming Pool like a Professional 1

After emptying the skimmer basket, you need to use the leaf rake to remove leaves or any large debris that is floating or submerged inside the pool.

Step #5 –Brush the Walls and Steps

Small dirt particles usually stick to the walls and steps of the pool. Start the pool pump and brush the walls and steps of the pool. Keeping the pool pump on will ensure the particles do not get a chance to settle on the surfaces again. With the pool pump running, the skimmer can catch these small particles and remove them from the pool system.

Step #6- Use Automatic Pool Cleaner

Use the automatic pool cleaner to get rid of small particles inside the pool. If the automatic pool cleaner has a filter bag, clean it after it has cleaned the pool.

Step #7- Clean the Pool Filter

You need to clean the pool filter when cleaning the pool. A clean filter will put less pressure on the pump as the water flows much easier through the filter. Depending on the type of pool filter installed, you need to follow the right procedure to clean the pool filter.

Step #8 – Check the pH Level of the Water

Redding pool cleaning

For health reasons, you need to ensure the pH level of the water is at the recommended level. You can use pool water test kits to check the pH level of the water and ensure water balance.

These are important steps in cleaning your swimming pool like a professional. When you follow the guidelines diligently, the end result will be a sparkling clean swimming pool that everyone will adore.

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