An infinity edge pool is also known as a vanishing edge pool. As the name suggests, this type of pool makes you feel like you are hovering over the landscape.

Everything You Need to Know About an infinity edge pool 1

What is an infinity-edge pool?

An infinity-edge pool seems to disappear into the Horizon. Actually, the edge of the pool plays a track on your mind.

How do infinity pools work?

Infinity edge pool works somewhat like a waterfall. In a waterfall, the water falls over the edge and disappears into thin air. In case of a vanishing endge pool, the water flows down into the lower section of the pool. From there, the water goes back to the main pool.

In other words, a zero-edge pool is like a waterfall that features one upper section of the pool and one lower section.

What locations are ideal for infinity pools?

Everything You Need to Know About an infinity edge pool 2

If you want to install an infinity-edge pool, make sure you have the right type of sight. Generally, this type of swimming pool is a great choice for a site that has a lot of drop off.

What is the best-known infinity pool?

If you want to see the best infinity pool in the world, you may want to you head to Singapore. There you can find the best vanishing edge pool on the rooftop of the hotel called Marina Bay Sands.

People from around the world come here to have a swim in this swimming pool and take some great shots. From this pool, you can enjoy amazing views of the city.

How much does a regular infinity pool cost?

Infinity edge pool involves the water circulation system and the Lower section, that’s why the construction of this pool is more complicated than the regular swimming pool.

Swimming pool builders have to make sure the water flows in the right direction. Therefore, they use a vacuum basin and a powerful filtration system for the removal of debris, bugs, and leaves.

Compared to a regular pool, and infinity edge pool may cost you 30% more money. The cost will be higher if you want to to add multiple disappearing edges.

Therefore the cost of these pools may vary based on the features you want to add and the size of the swimming pool.

Are infinity pools safe?

The short answer is yes. Keep in mind that the infinity-edge is just a visual trick on your mind. The edge of the pool does not disappear. Therefore, if you keep swimming in a vanishing edge pool, know that you will reach the wall.

There is another platform a couple of feet below the edge of the vanishing pool. Therefore if you keep swimming you may flip over the swimming pool edge. Therefore make sure you understand how this type of swimming pool works.

Do these pools require more maintenance?

Unlike the old fashioned pools, infinity edge pools are more complex. Therefore you need to spend more time and money for the maintenance of this type of pool.

You will have to clean the secondary section of the pool as well. Besides, you will have to keep an eye on the filtration system and water pump. The water circulation will be affected if the pump stops working or the filtration system gets clogged.

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