When you’re buying a new house and your heart is set on a backyard oasis, you need a swimming pool. There are many fascinating swimming pool designs to induce you for taking the plunge. But, you have to consider which one will fit your backyard. Before signing a contract, consider the factors that affect the ability to build a pool and create a backyard space that your family needs. These factors are:

Is There Adequate Space to Build a Pool?

Figuring out if a Swimming Pool Will Fit in Your Orange County Backyard 1

When considering the possibility of building a pool, evaluate the space available in your backyard. Here, you don’t have to think about a simple pool but the pool of your dreams. There are endless options to choose the size, shape, and design of your pool.

Since the size is a major consideration, it largely affects your purchase decision. For example, if you want a rectangle pool for lap swimming, you need a larger space to build it. Also, it depends on the number of members in your family. If you have teenage children, it is wise to go big.

Another important facet is the shape of the pool. While some pool shapes need more space, others can fit in a smaller yard. So, you should consider what you need and what you can get before buying a pool.

 Is There Space for Patio in the Backyard?

While a pool is a cornerstone to have fun with your family, you need other amenities as well to enjoy outdoor living. Pool is a single part of a bigger equation, and your outdoor space needs additional features to make a complete backyard oasis. It depends on the size of your backyard.

Your desired pool may fit a smaller yard but what about the additions you want in it. A patio, gazebo, wood deck, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen are some extra features that may add more pizzazz to your backyard. You should make sure you have enough real estate for these amenities.

Are Backyard Conditions Favorable for Pool Building?

Irrespective of swimming pool designs, construction of a pool is a complex process. There can be possible challenges like inclement weather, local laws, or installation of utility lines. Keeping these challenges in mind, it’s important to consult with professional pool builders who know the local laws, can install the plumbing lines, and manage construction as per the weather. They can easily identify the obstacles and challenges of constructing a pool in your area.

Is There Access for Heavy Equipment?

Charlotte pool Installation

You need to dig a deep hole for building the pool. After you explore swimming pool designs, it takes heavy machinery to excavate the earth and haul debris. So, your backyard should have easy access to the pool area for heavy construction equipment.

Since large machines need to traverse your yard, there should be a side alley, an adjacent yard, or empty door. However, even if there’s no access, smaller machines can make their way to your yard. The only downside is that small equipment needs more time to complete the project.

These are some important considerations for determining if a pool will fit your backyard in Orange County.

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