You may love your Tucson backyard pool and the option it offers you to cool down after a hot, tiring day. But you might not be the only one – wildlife in your area may also find the pool helpful. While wild animals in pools might not exactly swim laps, they might use your pool for their own purposes when you’re not around.

wild animals in pools

Here are tips that can help greatly minimize the dangers of wild animals in pools:

1. Flashing infrared system

If you see that your area has large predators or animals, you may want to think about having a flashing infrared system in your outdoor space near the pool. This gadget is perfect after the sunset and animals begin to lurk around your property. The light keeps away animals from coming near your pool and yard by vibrating and creating a scare. This device is an eco-friendly, safe way of getting rid of animals that might be attracted to your backyard pool.

2. Give animals their own “pool”

Give animals an option by building a pond. Make sure you angle the pond’s sides into a slanting shape, and place rocks properly so everybody can climb out. The animals will not only breed and feed there, but the pond will also provide you with an area to relocate aquatic creatures you find in your backyard pool.

3. Install a fence

Hiring a Premier Pools & Spas pool service expert to put up a fence can not only give you additional safety, but also offer protection against wildlife. This is one of the most effective and simplest ways to keep animals out of the pool area; literally. Forget about evening swims for the animals in your local area.

wild animals in pools

4. Set up an automatic sprinkler

Installing an automatic sprinkler system is another way to keep animals away from your Tucson backyard pool. The sudden squirt of water will be enough to frighten away even the boldest animals.

Specific sprinkler systems feature infrared beams, which are specially created to detect animal movement. When the sprinkler detects an animal close by, it will discharge a stream of water to ensure that it stays away. After a few weeks, you may find you no longer require the system once wild animals get the hint they should stay clear.

5. Turn off the filter

One of the most essential things you can do is to turn off the filter at nighttime. Most animals are nocturnal or crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk), and if your filter is running, they might become swept up into the skimmers. Filters are usually most required during the day when residue from lotions and body oil and algae can build up.

wild animals in pools

Wild Animals in Pools – Conclusion

Whether your pool is big to protect from wild animals or a small one, the above tips will help you keep local animals from being a bother year-round. The money and time put into these strategies will be worth it for peace of mind. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson today if you need any help!

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