Are you considering adding fire features to your Gulf Coast backyard? Being able to be outdoors in the cold months sometimes comes with its problems. Outdoor columns, bowls, fire pits, or other features are a good way to heat your backyard in Gulf Coast evenings. These stunning features also offer a good spot for socializing.

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Here are some fire features to consider for your Gulf Coast backyard:

Fire bowls

These are certainly a great option for your backyard. You can position fire bowls right in the center of a swimming pool or position them on a towering column, or even place them flat on the ground. These fire features can have a variety of materials, like lave rock, ceramic logs, or they can feature water as well. Homeowners find fire bowls appealing and can get the right one that suits their preferences and budget. Fire bowls are helpful in places with rules that restrict outdoor fireplaces or pits.

You can move the bowl from one spot to another as needed. It’s beneficial in freezing winter months. Instead of leaving the fire bowl outdoors to face the harsh weather, you can easily store it in your garage or shed.


The purpose of a chiminea to your landscape is much similar to any other fire feature: to give heat to the people sitting around it. Chimeneas are taller and more decorative than many other fire features. They are also available in a range of different designs, which will definitely suit most garden and patio spaces.

Fire Features

Its closed design helps to keep rain from dampening the fire, and also makes the most of the amount of heat generated. Furthermore, a chiminea’s chimney directs smoke upwards. Contrary to standard outdoor fire pits, your guests will not experience any smoke with a chiminea.


For anybody seeking to add a bit more fun and relaxation to their home, a backyard fireplace is a good addition. Backyard fireplaces are the ideal blend of time spent outside plus guaranteed comfort and warmth. Outdoor fireplaces are available in virtually any design and shape and can be powered by charcoal, wood, or propane.

Fire pits

This feature is the simplest way to add a low-cost fire feature to your Gulf Coast backyard. You can get most fire pits with a propane hose and the pit itself. Other types are available already fitted in a bowl, a table, or other features. Fire pits are usually made pits while incorporating a range of natural materials, like charcoal and wood.

They are a good way to level up your backyard landscape and transform it into a fun space. Furthermore, fire pits will add value to your outdoor décor. You can use them as a point of interest for your patio, as a complementary feature if you have an outdoor kitchen or swimming pool, or an area that will naturally attract people’s attention.

Fire Features

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