Swimming pool myths persist. Will my hair turn green? Does a clear pool mean a clean pool? It can be hard to parse fact from fiction with so many myths floating around the pool world. So let’s take some time to sort out what’s real, and what’s not.

pool myths

1. Wait an hour after eating or face the consequences.

The truth is, once you have eaten, it takes at least 6-8 hours to digest food. During this process, a larger amount of blood flows to your stomach, and that leaves less for your other muscles. So, when you work those muscles while swimming, cramps are possible. Is it true? Basically, yes.

pool myths

2. There’s too much chlorine in the water. I can smell it!

If you smell chlorine, you’re smelling the chlorine that has evaporated into the air, and that’s a hint that you actually need to add more in the water. When you do, the chlorine attaches to the bacteria and chloramines are formed. When the water is shocked in the pool, these chloramines turn into oxygen and evaporate in thin air. This is the reason you can smell it so strongly.

pool myth

3. Chlorine turns blonde hair green.

It’s not the chlorine. It’s the copper that is guilty of turning your hair green. Chlorine can make your hair dry and rough, but it’s the copper and oxidized metal present in the water can stick to the protein in the hair shaft. For this reason, one must make sure to condition their hair suitably before they dive into a pool to avoid excessive hair damage.

pool myths

4. Pee in the pool, the water turns blue.

This one is something parents warn kids about. If you believe there is some magic urine detector that reacts, changing the color of the urine into blue, think again. It’s not true, but that doesn’t stop almost 51 percent of adults from believing it.

pool myths

5. A clear pool is sanitary and healthy.

Never trust the appearance and believe a clear pool is clean or healthy. It is absolutely important to test the water every week and conclude the condition of your pool via the results. Also, keep your clean with pool maintenance and timely cleaning.

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