One of the most common misunderstandings is that a salt water pool in San Luis, Arizona is going to taste like a mouthful of ocean. In this article, we are going to talk more about whether you should have a salt water pool or not.

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Swimming in the Ocean

As you are thinking about whether or not to install a salt water pool, you may have been holding back because you do not want to taste the ocean every time you get splashed in the face. However, a salt water pool uses a salt chlorine generator and this means that you add salt instead of adding chlorine to your pool water. The only reason it is called a salt water pool is that of the salt you add to the water to allow the machine to work and that lets the water feel silkier. Therefore, your swimming pool will not taste as salty as the ocean would. The salt water generator is just another way to clean your swimming pool.

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Salt Water Pool – How Does the Salt Chlorine Generator Work?

Now that you know you are not going to be hit in the face with a blast of ocean water, you are probably wondering how the salt chlorine generator works.

There are two main parts of the machine which are the cell and the control board.  The pool water flows through the machine’s cell and inside are a series of metallic grids with a low-voltage current. This creates a reaction which converts the salt down to pure chlorine bubbles. Once the pure chlorine leaves the chlorinator it reacts to the water to form hypochlorous acid. That is as simple as the process is.


What Kind of Salt is Used in a Salt Water Pool?

There are a few options for the salt to be used in a salt water pool and they go as follows:

  • Mined salt
  • Solar salt
  • Mechanically evaporated salt

You need to use salt that is intended for swimming pools, granular, food-grade, and non-iodized.  You want to find 99% or higher purity salt so that you do not have problems with your appearance and maintenance. We recommend that you don’t use rock salt in your pool as it is not pure enough and is not going to dissolve, instead of cleaning your swimming pool. We also recommend you do not use calcium chloride since the calcium affects the water’s hardness and you may notice deposits on your pool walls when the concentration is too high.

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Getting Your Salt Water Pool In Order

Once you’ve decided you want to get a salt water pool, you can reach to Premier Pools & Spas of Yuma, so we can help you get started on your dream pool. We can help you understand how to properly take care of your salt water pool after we have gotten it installed in your backyard. Any questions that you have can be answered by our team of professionals that are more than happy to help you move forward with your dream pool. The sooner you bring us in on the process, the more help we will be able to help you.

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