It’s the time of the year when you want to take a cool dip in your pool. When you’re all set to enjoy swimming, Los Angeles pools need proper maintenance beforehand. In fact, a pool needs regular upkeep to stay clean and healthy for you. That’s where you need to follow pool maintenance basics and hire the experts. Here is the guide to help you get started:

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Maintaining Pool Circulation

It is important that your swimming pool water is always moving to ensure that it stays clean and safe. Hence, you shouldn’t allow stagnant water in your pool. Here, proper pool water circulation holds the key. If your pool water circulates evenly, you hardly need to worry about pool algae infestation or cloudy water.

To ensure the same, maintain the pool filter system for maximum circulation. You should run the pool pump for at least 10-12 hours every day. Apart from this, back-washing the filter is also essential for pool maintenance. It refers to the reverse flow of water through the filter.

The process shunts the contaminants to a waste port from where you can eliminate them. Pool filter maintenance requires some degree of expertise. If you can’t handle it on your own, consider hiring the experts for the job.

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Cleaning the Pool

If you have smooth running filters, pool cleaning becomes a lot easier. You need some basic tools to get started though. A net skimmer, pool vacuum, and pool brush are the basic necessities for cleaning Los Angeles pools. Your pool is exposed to elements like leaves, molds, shampoo residues, perfumes, and hair products.

To ensure safe swimming for your family, you must remove these contaminants from your pool on a regular basis. They not only make the pool dirty but also pose the risk of bacterial contamination. Weekly skimming and brushing of pool is the safest way to keep debris out of it.

You can also invest in an automatic pool cleaner that can make your work slightly easy. However, for in-depth cleaning, you need expert help from the professionals.

Maintaining the Pool Chemistry

Although pool chemistry sounds to be a complicated term, it is not so. With effective maintenance and care, it becomes a breezy task. You need a water testing kit to start the process. Before reaching for the chemicals, test the water in your pool. It helps in ascertaining the type of balance needed. In the pool chemistry, pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels are three main factors to consider.

While pH level measures acidic content of your pool, alkalinity works as a buffer to avoid high acidity. Sanitizer levels are important to determine the amount of chlorine and bromine in your pool water.

Once you know all these factors, it becomes easier to add chemicals that maintain the perfect water balance. You should follow a proper direction and understand the chemicals before adding them. It can be daunting for you. So, hire the pool maintenance professionals who are well-versed with pool chemistry and its impact on the water.

To keep Los Angeles pools sparkling clean and healthy, follow these steps and stay ready for the pool season.

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