Your Gulf Coast pool is everything you visualized and was the best addition to your otherwise dull outdoor space. You have built the best spot to staycation, daydream, as well as the perfect setting for your backyard BBQs. What next? As the proud gunite pool owner, there are some gunite pool maintenance tips you should keep in mind.

Gunite Pool Maintenance

Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals recommend pool maintenance as an important part of pool ownership. It is important to keep your gunite pool ready to use anytime and have it last for long. Keep reading to find out more on gunite pool maintenance.

Keep the fun year-round with the following gunite pool maintenance tips:

Regularly removing debris

Even if you have an inground cleaning system or a pool vacuum in place, bigger pieces of debris, like bugs, leaves, and other things that are blown into your swimming pool, need regular removal. Failure to remove debris on time can affect the quality of pool water and result in algae growth. The best way to remove debris from the bottom and the surface of the swimming pool is with a long-handled pool net.

Test the water

Pool water needs a range of chemicals to help keep the water clear, clean, and safe. A pool owner will also need to test the pool water at least once every week. This is to check chlorine level, alkalinity level, and pH level. The tests allow you to determine what chemicals should be added.

Our pool technicians can help you with testing the pool water. For most, it’s easier to use either a liquid test kit or pool testing strips to test the pool water weekly.

Gunite Pool Maintenance for Year-round Fun 1

Keeping a clean filter

Anytime a pool pump is running, pool water goes through the filter. This where the removal of grime and dirt takes place, leaving the pool water clean. Thus, it’s not all that shocking that a pool filter can get dirty quickly. To help keep the pool filter in great repair and maintain the quality of pool water, clean the filter. How often you should do this chore depends on which kind of filter your gunite pool has.

Clean the pool’s interior

While it’s important to clean the debris regularly, the buildup will collect on the swimming pool floor and walls as well. Scrub your pool’s interior every few weeks with either an automatic cleaner or a manual vacuum to keep the walls and floor clean. Letting too much time to go between cleanings will make this part of gunite pool maintenance a lot more difficult.

Have the proper chemicals readily available

One of the keys to maintaining safe and clean gunite pool water is always to have the proper chemicals readily available. Add bromine and chlorine to the swimming pool regularly to kill off bacteria and sanitize the pool water.

You might need additional chemicals if you see other issues. This include a large algae buildup, cloudy water, or a green pool that doesn’t disappear by using chlorine and shocking the swimming pool.

Gunite Pool Maintenance

Ready for Your Own Inground Pool?

If you’re interested in learning more on gunite pool maintenance and having a gunite pool installed in your outdoor space, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today!

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