Choosing exactly what you want for your Gulf Coast backyard when it comes to gunite pools vs liner pools is a vital step. You definitely cannot take it back once the construction starts, not inexpensively anyway. We highly recommend finding the time to evaluate all the options and to carefully analyze what is good for you, your budget, and your backyard.

Gunite Pools vs Liner Pools

One aspect we help homeowners with at Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast is deciding on gunite pools vs liner pools. Each comes with its pros as well as cons, and you need to have all the information.


There are variations between the two kinds to think about. Each is perfect for any swimming pool.

  • Vinyl is plastic that put over the form of a swimming pool. It is great for other areas that get below freezing in the winter months.
  • A gunite inground pool is constructed from a mixture of cement, sand or gravel. It’s sprayed onto the pool’s surface, over steel mesh for sturdiness and will last for years.

Gunite pools vs liner pools- important information to consider:


You have lots of options with gunite. Since it’s basically a sprayed concrete, gunite can work with any shape and size of swimming pool. This will provide you with the ability to make your backyard oasis unique to you and your backyard. Gunite also provides a variety of interior finishes as well. Select from any color tile, rocks, plaster, etc. You can select these with liner as well. But you will instead have a tile and rock photos printed on the vinyl as opposed to the real thing.

Concrete Gunite Pool


Unless you tear or get a hole in the liner, it does rarely need specific maintenance besides routine cleanup of the swimming pool. Gunite is affected by water chemistry, so it is important to look after the water and your pool. This is to ensure that it stays looking great for long.

Gunite pools vs liner pools – durability

If the gunite is very dark or light, discoloration can occur because of water chemistry. It can chip and pit as well. Proper caring of your pool and water can prevent this from taking place. For residential usage, liner should not be a big problem, although if you are planning a commercial swimming pool, this might get troublesome in the long run.


This can differ. Gunite inground pools usually take more time to construct. This is because they are often constructed by subcontractors who specialize in every aspect of the construction. So this scheduling may lead to a 6 to 8-week long construction. Liner pools alternatively usually take about four weeks since the same team does most of the job.

Gunite Pools vs Liner Pools

Gunite Pools vs Liner Pools – Conclusion

To put it simply, liner pools are not as glamorous as gunite pools are. If you’re looking for luxury, you may want to reconsider having a liner pool. The ROI on liner pools is lower than gunite pools.

Overall, the kind of swimming pool you want should reflect your choices at the time, both emotionally and financially. You can also find other types of swimming pool materials not mentioned here, but we simply wanted to help you know about two specific and sought after pool construction materials. If you have questions about gunite pools vs liner pools or require more information, please email or call Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast today!

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