As a homeowner, you have your hands full with chores. Cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t have to be one of them. Hiring a professional pool service that specializes in pool cleaning and maintenance takes the burden off your shoulders and allows you to simply enjoy swimming in your backyard pool. If you see these signs, it might be time to call professionals for pool service in Atlanta.

professional pool service

When It Has a Strong Smell of Chlorine

Having a strong chlorine odor in your pool doesn’t mean that it is safe for swimming. Rather, a clean and healthy pool has little or no smell at all. A strong chlorine smell comes when chemicals deal with organic material like bacteria or sweat that remain unfiltered. It results in the formation of chloramines that emits a strong smell. If you notice it, call a professional maintenance company to eliminate the chlorine smell from your pool.

professional pool service

When It Has Murky or Cloudy Water

If you treat your pool regularly and the water still seems cloudy or murky, there may be a problem with the pipe work. Sometimes, debris gets settled in the pipes and cause blockages. It can diminish the water flow through the pool filter so the water remains filthy.

Other causes of murky pool water can be lack of sunlight, insufficient filtration, heavy rainfall, or poor circulation of water. In all these cases, you shouldn’t neglect the problem and call a professional pool service right away.

When the Water Gets Very Cold

If the water in your pool gets very cold despite having a heater turned on, there may be issues with the heater. It is possible that heater is malfunctioning and is not getting sufficient water flow. In some cases, heaters have blockage in air inflow or there may be an issue with the controls. Whatever the problem, it’s best to call a professional company that will repair or replace the heating system.

professional pool service

When It Has Bubbling or Foamy Water at the Edge

Bubbling water implies that pool water is thick due to presence of bacterial contaminants, laundry detergents, body lotions, poor chemical imbalance, clogged pool filters, or algaecide. In any of these cases, you need the help of expert pool professionals to balance the chemical levels in the pool. You may also have to unclog the pool filter to ensure smooth water flow.

When It Has Broken Lights

If the lights in your pool are not functioning properly, it’s difficult to swim at night. Replacing the broken lights is a specialized task because a swimming pool lighting system is the risky combination of water and electricity. Light replacement or repair is best left to the experts who are adept at handling these tasks.

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