A wading pool is an excellent backyard feature for the kids. It is a shallow and smaller pool that’s perfect for young children. These pools generally lack a water filtration system because of their size. Hence, the pool water needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent algae growth. Also, there are guidelines for the maintenance of wading pools to ensure their safe use. Here are some steps that you can take for timely maintenance of your kiddie pools:

Atlanta Pool Chemistry

Ensure Chemical Balance of Water

Even before opening the wading pools for the kids, you should ensure that its water is crystal clear. There must be no visible matters in the water. Above all, you should treat the water with chlorine or chlorine compound during the normal daily use. When using chlorine, stick to the level of chlorine equal to or more than 5 mg per liter of the pool water.

The pH level of pool water must be between 7.2 and 7.8 at all times. Also, maintain the alkalinity of pool water at a level of 80 mg per liter. To test and maintain water chemistry, invest in a high-quality test kit that accurately measures these chemical parameters. Here, you should use chemicals formulated for shallow and small pools only.

Invest in a Pool Cover

When a wading pool is not in use, it is better to keep it covered. You can find a high-quality pool cover that protects your kiddie pool from loose debris, twigs, and other contaminants. It also prevents small kids from getting close to the pool when you’re not around.

Don’t Allow Stagnant Water in the Pool

It is ideal to drain the wading pools at regular intervals. If you can’t drain them twice a week, add 30 liters of fresh water to your pool on a daily basis. It helps in removing stagnant water from the pool. Remember, stagnant water not only leads to algae growth, but also serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To avoid things like these, you should prevent contamination of pool water at any cost.

DIY Pool Maintenance

Skim the Pool Every Day

A lot of contaminants and debris get into the pool. It is important to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance to ensure your swimming pool is clean. Daily skimming of the pool water is an ideal start. You should use a high-quality skimmer to clean the water every day before using the pool. Also, clean the skimmer basket at least twice a week to maintain its effectiveness.

Check the Water Levels

When maintaining a wading pool, do not forget to check the water level on a daily basis. The water in your pool needs to be at the right level. It ensures the safety of the kids when swimming in the pool. If the water level is low, run the pool pump dry. But, if the water level is high, burn the pump to remove excess water.

These are some effective tips to ensure timely maintenance and safe use of a wading pool.

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