While having balanced water in your Coachella Valley pool is one of the most important things you can do for your pool, many people are confused about how it works. Not understanding how to have balanced water might keep you from keeping your pool working properly. In this article, we are going to talk more about how you can take care of your pool and understand more about how balanced water works.

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Balanced Water and What You Need to Know

The first thing you should know about owning a swimming pool is that you have to keep up with pool maintenance. Balancing water is important to keep your swimming pool clean, and  If it is not balanced right the chlorine sanitizer is not going to work at full strength to kill bacteria or germs. Whether you have a salt-based pool that produces chlorine or a chlorine-based tablet pool, your pH has to be correct.

When your water is not balanced, you may notice a negative effect on your skin and eyes. The pH should not be too basic nor should it be too acidic so that your water can feel comfortable on your skin. An imbalanced pool can also cause problems with the liner, ladders, and handrail. It could cause problems with equipment like the pools filter & pump too.

You are looking at total alkalinity which refers to how much alkaline is in the water. Both pH and TA are important with your balanced water. When your water is highly alkaline, this leads to high pH. Low alkaline water leads to low pH. You want to shoot for your pool having an alkalinity reading of 100 ppm.

pH Levels in Your Pool

To keep your pool equipment and pool finish intact, you need to make sure your pH levels are within the proper range. pH is in reference to the acidity or baseness of your pool’s water. You are looking to have a pH level around 7.4 to 7.6 on your pH test kit’s numeric scale. 0 to 7 means it is low or acidic and 8 to 14 means the pool has a high or base pH level.

Calcium Hardness

You need to have the right amount of calcium in your pool since if there is too little, your plaster could erode. If you have too much calcium, your water may become cloudy, scale could form and stains could start to form. 300 ppm is ideal for the average pool so shoot for that.

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Balanced Water & Proper Pool Maintenance

Having a pool service company to make sure everything is balanced & running correctly throughout your pool takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. Plus, you will have more free time to actually swim in your pool rather than spending the afternoon cleaning it.

Premier Pool Service of Coachella Valley offers multiple service packages, such as weekly & monthly packages. We can also upgrade systems in your pool, which in the long run, would help keep your swimming pool clean. Contact Premier Pool Service of Coachella Valley today about any maintenance needs you might have.

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