Having a gazebo by your pool is one of the best ideas for enjoying a shady spot and relax. Pool gazebos let you relax in the shade after a good swim on a hot day. They add glitter to your backyard and attract fantastic parties and family unions. Also, you can design them in many creative ways. Here are some ideas that can inspire you next poolside gazebo.

Inspiring Gazebo Design Ideas For Your Pool 1

Gazebo Suspended Over The Pool

This kind of gazebo hangs on the edge of your pool. It allows you to dive back into the water from where you are sitting. Now, this qualifies for an exciting prospect! You can even have some relaxed patio furniture in it and enjoy some quality outdoor time.

Round Glass Walled Gazebos

Having such pool gazebos will give you a great view of your pool. Enjoy the pool and its surroundings while a glass wall forms protection around you. Having a glass wall is helpful when you do not wish to enter the pool and remain dry. It will protect you from the water splashes and lets you unwind in your backyard.

Victorian Gazebos

Victorian-styled gazebos add a classic charm to your backyard. What do you imagine when you hear the word gazebo? It’s the classic white gazebo with wrought iron detailing, finials, railings, and fretwork. Having a Victorian style gazebo by your pool is a visual treat. Its beauty is emphasized more if your pool has surrounding lush greenery. These gazebos are a must for adding a touch of classic style to your backyard.

Poolside Gazebos With Amenities

Equip your gazebo with lights, furniture, and television. Make it your tiny home by the pool when you are literally away from home. Decorate your gazebo with whatever amenities you desire. Enjoy all this while being close to a nice relaxing swim.

Rustic Gazebos

Old and recycled wood is used in making these amazing gazebos. They look natural with fragmentary wooden pillars and roof settings. Rustic gazebos are designed in several sizes and shapes based on their usage. So, you can jazz it up with plants, curtains, and lamps to make a perfect setting. As a bonus, rustic gazebos are also perfect for enjoying a nice barbeque by the pool.

Poolside Gazebo With A Firepit

Have an enticing experience by including a fire pit in your poolside gazebo. A fire pit will help to keep you warm after a swim and dry off even. Light up the fire pit and enjoy swimming during late hours. It is indeed an out of the world experience to swim under the stars. Isn’t it?

Gazebo With A Bar

Doesn’t it sound exciting to have a private bar by your poolside? With these pool gazebos, you can serve drinks by the pool. What’s more, you can even host a grand party by the pool. Your guests will have an unforgettable experience while enjoying these poolside gazebos.

Inspiring Gazebo Design Ideas For Your Pool 2

Bright Gazebos with Curtains

Transform your backyard into a luxurious place to relax. Have a gazebo in your backyard that contains a royal bed. This type of pool gazebos adds impressive elegance to your backyard. Night time will transform your gazebo into a brightly lit, compact unit. Add curtains to elevate its beauty and protect you from sunlight during the daytime.

These are some amazing poolside gazebo ideas that you can incorporate into your backyard.

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