If you are thinking about investing in a new Las Vegas backyard pool, then you fully understand it will be an investment. Whether you are shopping for a bigger pool to accommodate friends and family or a standard model for personal use, you need to consider Las Vegas pool builders prices.

Las Vegas Pool builders prices

Owning a pool in your Las Vegas home, no matter, if it is a concrete pool or a fiberglass one with multilayer finishes, isn’t as simple as paying somebody to excavate a hole in your outdoor space and filling it up with water. It will come with additional financial costs and great responsibility, not to mention effort and time that you should put in yourself.

Here are some of the Las Vegas Pool builders prices to consider:

Clearances & permits

Most builders would handle this for you however it still means that you would still have to pay for clearances and permits, even for a private pool.


Your property’s location is one of the most disregarded factors with regards to Las Vegas Pool builders prices. The location of your home will determine the permits required, the size of the equipment required to complete the project, and energy costs. It can be time-consuming and expensive to acquire the right permits. The cost of permits fluctuates based on the city they are being granted. However, they are essential and usually need studies and surveys to be done.

Las Vegas Pool builders prices

Initial building costs

This will involve the price of the materials used as well as the incurred labor costs. There are mostly three kinds of inground pools types based on the material used. They include:

Concrete pools. This involves using gunite as an application mode of the concrete that will constitute the pool shell. The Las Vegas Pool builders prices of may vary in comparison to prices in other states. What usually makes the variation are the overall costs of maintenance. The cheapest to maintain are fiberglass pools, followed by vinyl; concrete is the most costly to maintain.

Vinyl pools. These are common because of their versatility, low maintenance, and low initial cost. Vinyl pools are simple to clean as well. The costs of installation are fair.

Fiberglass pool. It’s a preformed shell that is often put into a leveled hole, which has been dug previously to form the shape of a pool. Shipping and costs of installation are affordable. Cleaning and maintenance is easy.

The condition of your soil

Your site’s type of soil is important in determining the overall Las Vegas Pool builders prices. You do not want to find out that the presence of groundwater or soil is not suitable after the excavation in your backyard starts. Spending a lot of money to make the ground ideal for a pool, or having to change your pool’s location, can add a great deal to the estimated cost of the project. When you spend a little more for soil test it will save you thousands in the project’s total cost.

Las Vegas Pool builders prices

Las Vegas Pool builders prices – Conclusion

When you consider these factors it will help you make the right choice in your new purchase. Having a thorough evaluation, which includes all of these factors, makes your pool purchase easier to manage. To find out more, contact the Premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas team today.

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