Hire The Tucson Pool Installation Experts

Tucson Pool InstallationExperience the best pool installation Tucson offers with Premier Pools & Spas. Here’s a few great tips on how our Tucson pool builders will help you achieve a successful pool installation, Stress Free!

Ultimately it all starts with establishing a good relationship with your Tucson Pool Builder. Premier Pools can help streamline the process and provide you with a stress free experience. Next, you’ll want to make sure you have a permit to even build an inground pool in your backyard. Check your soil, if there’s rocks in the way or plumbing work to be adjusted. Give your tucson pool builders their time to finish the job with an inground pool it normally takes between eight to twelve weeks.

Premier Pools Tucson location is ready to provide you with all the information you need to ensure you get that Perfect Premier Pool. Ask your Premier Pools Builder any questions you have for maintenance, pool design, lighting, and in the long term, renovation. They’re all up-to-date and can give you any information needed.

Our Tucson pool builders take in all your suggestive advice for what you want in your pool whether if it’s LED Lights, to the fire features above your waterfall.

8 Key Steps for Tucson Pool Installation:

  1. Receiving Permits and Approvals
  2. The big dig- Excavation
  3. Installation of walls and braces
  4. Pouring Concrete and Pool Floor
  5. Installation of plumbing and electrical
  6. Installation of vinyl liner and coping
  7. Deck installation
  8. Finish landscaping