A water slide is one type of pool accessory that will create lots of enjoyment and happy splashing for the children. A huge range of water slides are available and all will offer a perfect way to add the excitement and happiness of a fun park to your own pool in Louisville. If you’re looking for one, you will find lots of water slides, all of which will give you limitless hours of fun for both kids and adults. By adding a water slide to your poolside, you can transform the area surrounding your pool and increase its use and functionality.

Water Slides

If you are considering doing some pool renovations then perhaps you should think creatively and have a new water slide installed.  There’s a wide range of water features that you can add to an existing or new pool. But water slides are able to transform your outdoor space into a family fun spot.

Here are a few safety regulations for water slides:

  • Inspect if there are leaks on your water supply lines. Leaks can lower the level of pool water and result in equipment that runs dry and leads to expensive repairs.
  • Water slides should be wet for safe sliding.
  • Fasteners should be durable and not prone to cracking, getting loose, or breakage.
  • While servicing the pool, you should shake the water slide to spot any loosening bolts. A pool deck with water can result in rusted bolts, so check for rust signs.
  • Handrails should meet specific length requirements, extension height, positioning, and design safety.

Water Slides

  • The steps of water slides should meet specific performance requirements, tread curvature, dimensions, and slip resistance; check the requirements of your state or county.


Water slides are usually unprotected, subjected to the elements. Since they stain fast, restore its look with a glaze/polish kit. Avoid painting an eroded water slide, since the frequent exposure to temperature and heat extremes and sliding friction will quickly make the surface look far worse. Painted water slides can rust, leading to powdery lines on the bottoms and backs of swimmers.

Whenever you decide to incorporate water slides into your Louisville pool area, then you are bringing the enjoyment of a water park into your outdoor space. A water slide is the best way to keep your children, their friends, and the rest of the family at home. Invest in a rock slide that blends in with the stonework around the swimming pool, a huge tree trunk slide that offers your outdoor space a more natural feeling; or a simple winding smooth slide winding.

Water Slides

Ready to Add a Water Feature to Your Pool?

With regards to the design of your new water slides, there’s no limit. Things that can impact your stunning pool water slides is your budget, your builder’s expertise, and your imagination. Fortunately, our services are not only economical but we’re also one of the top pool contractors in the country. Regardless of what water slide or pool you want to add to your outdoor space, our Premier Pools & Spas of Louisville professional team is more than prepared to provide what you need. Get in touch with us today!

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