You might be looking to construct an inground pool for your Portland home, but can’t decide on its shape. While it is exciting to get a brand new addition to your backyard, you must consider the needs of your family. Hence, do some research as to in the planning phase and find a design that fits your requirements. Though there are several pool options, your choice depends on various factors.

Purpose of Building Your Pool

How Many Pool Design Options Are There? 1

While building a pool, most people think of the health benefits they can get from swimming. Others start the construction to have an extra place for entertaining their guests. Or, you might be looking to get a cool feature in your backyard.

For some, making their property even more beautiful is the goal of building a pool. Moreover, people see it as a great investment as it fetches huge returns in case of a future sale of the property. Therefore, find out your end goal and then you can decide on the design, size, and layout.

If you wish to get regular exercise and swim laps, a square or rectangular pool design is suitable. For recreational uses, you need to have ample space around the pool to hang out For aesthetic purposes, go for a pool with attractive shapes.

Size and Shape of Your Backyard

It is obvious that the size of your pool depends on your backyard space and its slope. You cannot get a huge Olympic sized pool when your backyard has space constraints. Even the styling of the pool should complement the shape of your backyard.

For instance, your backyard may be tiny and can fit a square pool and nothing else. Then, you cannot have a curved natural looking pool. Or, if your site has major slopes, you can only have the designs and styles that can work with your site. In such cases, you can also make use of a retaining wall or grade your backyard to have the pool options you want. Either way, get a pool building expert in Portland to advise you on which design is right for you.

Custom Features for Your Pool

The add-on features you wish to incorporate into your pool also play a big role in deciding your pool design. For example, you want to add a spa, you will need an extra space that is separate from the swimming area. Same goes for bench seating, deck, waterfalls, and fire pits too. If you want to get slides or a diving board, your pool must have appropriate depth so that you can plunge into it.

If you swim laps, your pool options should be straight, but not kidney-shaped or freeform pools. Likewise, you can add a splash pad, but it should not interfere with the pool in which you swim laps. Given these points, hire the right builder to construct your Portland pool.

Landscaping and Pool Type

How Many Pool Design Options Are There? 2

You cannot just leave the surroundings of the pool bare without any good landscaping. Conversely, your pool design and landscaping should go hand in hand. Otherwise, your entire backyard might look borrowed and out of place. For one thing, a rainforest-themed backyard doesn’t suit a pool with a geometric shape.

Similarly, the type of pool and the materials you use to build it also impact its design. The three main inground pool types are fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner pools. Although each has its own advantages, the costs, maintenance, and build times differ. Of these, concrete or gunite types can build your pool into any design you like.

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