A swimming pool makes a great addition to your backyard. With many designs and techniques, pools can be constructed uniquely. But nothing quite matches the charm of natural pools. Adding an element of nature around your inground pool designs enhances its beauty. Here are some inspiring designs for your pool.

inground pool designs

Hidden Oasis

Create a hidden oasis in your backyard by splitting your pool – half the area for swimming and another half for regeneration area. The regeneration area is basically a plant portion of your pool. It is separated from the pool by a wall or natural stone structures. Your pool will be equipped with pumps and skimmers that help in water circulation.

Aquatic plants help to keep out the contaminants and use the nutrients in the water as food. This, in turn, will prevent the accumulation of algae. You can choose to have granite river rocks or haydite in your pool as well. Friendly bacteria cling on to these rocks and act as biological filters.

Hybrid Natural Pool

Natural inground pool designs have two circulation pumps. One circulates the water through plant and rock filters and discharges it back to the pool. The second one uses skimmers for filtering floating debris. Hybrid pools let you have both natural and conventional pools side by side. They are often separated by walls, plants or rocks.

Pools With Aquatic Life

Inground pool designs involving aquatic life is quite appealing. Creatures like snails, amphibians, and insects are included in natural pools. these creatures feed off each other and ensure healthier looking water. Microscopic creatures like daphnia play an important role in regulating the cycles of phosphates, nitrates, and phytoplankton. They make an excellent food source for other aquatic life.

Plants make a fine addition as well. Floating plants like water lilies are rooted at the bottom and protect microbes from UV rays. Oxygenating plants help to maintain ecological balance and slows the growth of algae. Plants are in fact, a compulsory addition to make your pool look more natural and beautiful.

inground pool designs

Pond And Pool

Create a breathtaking design by combining the aesthetics of a pond with a natural swimming pool. This design makes you feel closer to nature by bringing in the natural elements to your home. You can even have a gazebo by the pool to relax and refresh. Create mesmerizing inground pool designs with natural rocks. Line your pool borders with these rocks and decorate it with waterfalls. You can even use colorful plants to enhance the appearance of your pool.

Two-Tiered Pool

Having a two-tiered waterfall not only improves the appearance but also oxygenates the pool. Two-tiered pools do not take up much space either. Consider a steep rock formation and surround it by lush greenery. You can consider using colorful LEDs to light up your pool during the night.

These are some natural inground pool designs that you shouldn’t miss out.

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