The pool deck is an important part of the swimming pool. Also known as pool patio, the area is used to place furniture like lounge chairs, tables, and other accessories for outdoor entertainment. If you are planning to build or install a pool in the backyard, also give some thought to the pool deck design. Here are some good pool decking ideas for your Orange County backyard.

Choose Right Material

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Since you would be walking bare feet on the pool deck, the material used to build pool deck matters. The temperature in Orange County can rise up to 80°F during summer and you need to choose a pool deck material that absorbs heat and also does not get slippery. It is necessary for the person returning from a swim in the pool is able to walk safely on the wet surface without scorching soles. Here is the list of materials that you can consider.

Poured Concrete

It is one of the popular pools decking material used by pool owners. The reasons behind their choice are poured concrete is water resistant and lasts for a long time. A simple brushing of the poured concrete surface while building the pool deck makes the surface non-slippery. It means swimmers can walk barefooted on the pool deck without risk of slipping.

Pre-Cast Cement Pavers

One good and attractive alternative to poured concrete is pre-cast cement pavers. They are available in a variety of geometrical shapes including rectangles, squares, and octagons. Pre-cast cement pavers are quite popular for pool deck flooring as they give designers great flexibility in pool deck design. For example, pool designers can have a wide variety of shapes, coloration, and laying patterns to make pool deck an attractive place for gatherings.

You can virtually have pre-cast cement pavers of any color. Since the color of concrete is grey, you can add powdered color dyes while the concrete is wet. Pre-cast cement pavers can withstand extreme climatic conditions. Their strength increases with passing time.

Brick Pavers

Brick is quite similar to pre-cast cement pavers in terms of installation. It is durable and you can opt for various colors and installation patterns. One advantage of using brick pavers is their colors are permanent which will not fade with time. A pool deck made of brick pavers looks classy and sophisticated at the same time. In simple words, they add glamour to your backyard pool.

Pool Construction Costs


On average, Orange County has 278 sunny days per year. This makes wood a perfect pool deck material. However, you need to consider wood like cedar, teak, redwood, or ipe to make pool deck. The reason is these woods repel water and offer good protection against insect damage. Since wood reflects most sun rays, the pool deck would remain cooler even on the hottest day in Orange County.

Pool decks are not only functional elements of your pool in Orange County backyard; it also creates a smooth transition from one area to other. The pool decking ideas given above can enhance the beauty of your pool and also make it safer for everyone using it.

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