What Is The Oldest Pool In The World?

The Great Bath is the oldest pool in the world and is part of a large citadel complex located in Sindh, Pakistan. The structure was found amongst the ancient ruins of the Indus Civilization and been recognized as the oldest public pool in the world. Archaeologists uncovered the site in 1926 and later discovered that the Great Bath was built some time in the 3,000 BCE. The Great Bath of Mohenjo-daro measures 897 square feet. With a maximum depth of 8 feet it was certainly not the deepest pool the world has ever seen but is certainly the oldest pool in the world.

World's Oldest Pool

Two wide staircases served as entry to the bath and were located north and south of the structure. The floor of the pool was watertight fitted with precisely laid bricks, mud, gypsum mortar and plaster. The side walls of the pool were constructed in a similar fashion. Ancient builders took care to seal the pool with a thick layer of bitumen (a type of waterproof tar) in an effort to make the pool even more watertight. No inlet drain has ever been found, leading many to speculate that the pool relied on rain water and water from a nearby well that was dug in one of the rooms located along the adjoining eastern side of the structure.It is believed that the Great Bath may have been used not only as a public pool but for religious functions as well.

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