When it’s a beautiful day in Pensacola, you could be wondering if inground pool covers are worth it. In this article, we are going to talk about why pool covers are worth the investment.

Benefits of Pool Covers

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When you spend the money up front to get pool covers, you are going to keep yourself from having to spend extra money for heating costs and chemicals you wouldn’t need if you had a cover. Not only does it keep you from putting out money for those costs, it also keeps bugs and leaves out of your pool so you aren’t skimming the pool all of the time.Many pool covers are only $100 so it’s not a lot of money but it is worth it for the benefits you get.  These $100 pool covers I am referring to are the vinyl material that sits on top of your pool. If you are talking about safety pool covers, these are going to be more expensive than vinyl pool covers. Safety covers are meant to keep children or animals from getting into the pool when they are not supposed to be in the pool. The peace of mind you get from a safety cover is worth it.

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Another type of pool cover is a winter pool cover. These pool covers are made to protect your pool when it is off season and unless you live in a cooler climate, you won’t need one of these.

Which of the Pool Covers Should I Get?

When you are trying to figure out which of the pool covers you should get, you need to think about the function you need. Do you simply need to cover the pool so you keep debris out of the pool or do you need to have a safety cover because of animals and children that live nearby?

There is no best answer for which one you should have. You have to make that decision yourself. While safety is important, it is a significant cost that you will add on if you’ve just put money out for installing your pool.

When you are thinking about safety, you can also put up barriers so that animals or pets do not get into the pool. If you decide to go with a fence, you should make sure that you make the fence at least 4 feet tall and that you have an automatically latching gate.

pool covers

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Your Dream Pool Is Here

When you have your dream pool ready, having a pool cover that will keep you from having to do maintenance on your pool more than you have to will make the pool much more enjoyable. Instead of worrying about debris, pets, and children, make sure your pool is safe and secured so you can enjoy your time in the pool.

If you need help with your pool, make sure to contact us today. We have been working with pools for years and we will be glad to help you.

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