A swimming pool is a great way to breathe life into your dull backyard. Gone are the days of rectangular swimming pools. Today, new technologies and materials have opened a wide range of possibilities in backyard pool area designs. With a great design, you can convert your custom backyard pool into a space that elevates relaxation.

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Freeform Pools

Just like the name, these pools can have any shape. It is one of the popular backyard pool area designs that work beautifully in a home that has a natural or rustic setting. The freeform pool design mimics the natural flow of water. The organic shape of the pool gives you ample opportunities for creative landscaping.

Infinity Edge

Also known as zero-edge swimming pools, the Infinity Edge pool design is both practical and beautiful. Unlike the regular pool, the infinity edge pools have a slope at the edge that forms a waterfall. If you have a beautiful landscape to show, it is a great choice to draw all attention.

Hot Tubs and Fire Pits

To create an exotic hangout, you need more than a swimming pool in your backyard. Adding a hot tub or fire pit can give an extra boost to any backyard pool area designs. Though Texas has a shorter winter, you can still enjoy the beautiful swimming pool by warming your hot tub. You can make the experience richer by adding speakers and LED lights to your pool.

Natural Pools

Natural pool designs are the hottest trends in backyard pool designs right now. If your backyard does not have enough space, you can have one of these pools installed. Waterfalls, plants, stones, and other natural materials are used to create a natural setting. The beautiful natural pool design makes the springs look natural and not man-made.

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Circular Swimming Pool

Despite the rarity, the circular pool design is a favored backyard pool design. It creates a sense of oasis found in a desert. If you do not like the rectangular-shaped pool, why not incorporate a circle or two in the pool design? If you are creating two circular pools, you can make the circles intersect at different levels. The smaller circular pool can have a hot tub that can be used during winters. And, it can also be used as a pool for smaller children. The larger circular pool can be used as the main swimming pool for adults.

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools are L-shaped or any shape that fits in the block. They work well in modern homes and suit any landscaping style. You can create a great backdrop for the pool by surrounding it with a small garden or barricading the pool by a backyard forest.

There is no doubt a good swimming pool design can give your backyard an attractive and luxurious look.  If you are not in a mood for a swim, you can just pull a chair beside the pool and watch the beauty of sunset in the pool. To set your ideas rolling, hire the best pool contractors in Austin to make things easier for you.

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