Pools are usually the point of interest of a Salt Lake City property and the main attraction can be the pool decking. Pool with deck isn’t only where your family and friends will gather, but it will add style and personality to your landscape. There is a myriad of natural and man-made materials that create classy pool decking.

pool with deck

Here are some considerations for a pool with deck:

1. Know the kinds of decking

Decks are available in different kinds, which will depend on the kind of pool you own. It can be an inground or above-ground pool. If you have an above ground pool, you should offer stairs for easy access to the pool deck. Some decks have varying levels and others also have partial decking in which just a specific part has a deck.

2. Think about the climate in your area

You cannot simply choose any pool with deck material. It should withstand the temperature changes and exposure to sun and wind. If not, you will have to change the decking regularly. If you’re in an area that’s hot frequently, wood might be highly recommended.

3. Look at the cost

How much do you want to spend on the pool with deck? Concrete costs less but you can always choose wood, stones or tiles. Simply check your budget since it will also depend upon your pool deck’s size. Our professionals will help estimate the cost. When you get the figures it will help you choose what material you will get.

pool with deck

4. Think about the size

What’s the size of your area? What’s the size of your pool? How big may the decking go? Make sure you check your space. If you can’t have a big deck, then that’s alright! A small deck is great as well. You can design it properly to ensure that it still looks roomy and can still be functional regardless of how small it is. Others have the benefit of having a pool with deck. This is great for homeowners who want to hang out there with friends and family or host pool parties.

5. Consider maintenance

Your backyard pool with deck needs cleaning and maintenance. Think about this when selecting the deck materials. Plastic and composite decking should be applied with finish for a couple of times annually to prevent fading. For wooden decks, you should also clean them particularly since they are prone to rotting and molds. Even tiles and stones need cleaning as well. You should be cautious of dirt that enters the grout.

6. Pick your materials

Pool decking materials vary. It includes concrete, unglazed tiles, vinyl, composites, stones, aluminum, plastic, and wood. When you use concrete, make sure you add a bit of texture so it won’t be slippery.  Most homeowners have chosen plastic or composite decking since they are less maintenance materials, fast to install and durable. Additionally, you can see that contemporary decking use wood and others still like stone. Tiles are popular especially that it appears clean as well.

pool with deck

Pool with Deck – Conclusion

If you are considering the best pool with deck for you and your family members, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City today!

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