You can find swimming pools in different designs, styles, sizes, and shapes. If you search for “pool designs Fresno”, you will see a lot of designs. They are used for various purposes, such as making a landscape architectural or expressing your own personality. Many factors play their roles in shaping your pool, such as the architectural style of your home, safety codes, budget, the shape of the land, space and lot size, to name a few. Let’s read about different pool designs.

Geometric or rectangular pools

Residential swimming pools were first introduced in Southern California in the 1930s. Photos of movie stars can be seen in magazines and newsreels of that era. These pools got more popularity after World War II. By the end of 1947, the United States had more than 11,000 pools.

backyard oasisRectangular Pools

Early residential pools had the classic rectangular shape. These pools were pleasing and practical at the same time. Typically, people used to swim in these pools as exercise.

Oval or Round

In the 1930s, Philip IIsley built a pool frame with a round bottom. It was filled with concrete through a hose. The fans of Philip liked this shape more than the regular rectilinear shapes. Also, photos of these curvy pools appeared in many magazines.


Pool designs Fresno: 9 awesome pool designs 1

In 1948, Thomas Church, a landscape architect, designed the first kidney-shaped pool in California. The photos of this pool were published in many magazines. So, this pool design became a popular choice for home swimming pools.

The Figure-8

Pool designs Fresno: 9 awesome pool designs 2

As the name suggests, this pool looks like the number 8 or hourglass. In this type of pools, the ends are not of the same size. In other words, one end can be bigger than the other. You can find a lot of hourglass shaped pools in Royal National Park in Australia.


Pool designs Fresno: 9 awesome pool designs 3

Swimming pools with several straight sides or edges are also popular. They are a variety of oval or rectangle-shaped pools. Hexagonal pools have 8 sides, nonagonal pools have 9 sides and diagonal pools have 10 sides.


Pool designs Fresno: 9 awesome pool designs 4

L-shaped pools are of two types: the first type is known as the true-L shape that looks like the letter “L” and the other types look like a lazy L as it makes a slight angle.

Freeform Shapes

Pool designs Fresno: 9 awesome pool designs 5

Freeform pools have organic shapes. These shapes follow the curvilinear forms instead of geometric forms. Freeform shapes are also known as a pond, key west, lagoon or oasis.

Classic or Roman-Shaped Pools

Pool designs Fresno: 9 awesome pool designs 6

These are different variants of rectangular pools. Often, they are also known as Roman and Grecian pools. They are designed based on the design of ancient pools. Also, A Roman-shaped pool features a slight curve or arch at the ends of the rectangle.

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