When deciding on pool entry designs, you need to address the shape of your pool and the location of your pool. Here are a few things that factor into the decision.

pool games


If you have kids in your house, you’ll want to consider how the swimming pool entry will satisfy their changing needs. You may want to design a sizable entry that will keep your kids in the shallow area. It may even have a few steps for the teenagers to sit on.

Physical limitations

If you have a family member with a physical disability, make sure your swimming pool is accessible. A lot of people can’t get out of the pool without assistance, so it’s better to have a few steps that lead to your pool. Ideally, there should be something to hold onto on the side of your swimming pool as well.

pool entry designs

Pool use

Swimming in a pool is a great exercise. Even if you or someone in your family has joint issues, you can still benefit from swimming. But this is important. If you are going to use your pool like a lap pool, there should be flat walls with no steps or benches on either side. This will allow you to flip smoothly when changing direction.


Cleanliness is important for the shallow area as this area of the pool has poor water circulation. Therefore, it may be more prone to debris and algae. Aside from this, nooks and crannies such as the spa jets should be regularly cleaned.

summer pool trends


Keep in mind that shallow areas have high temperatures, especially in the hot season. This should be kept in mind when designing this area for your kids. If you want to keep the temperature of this area lower, you may consider using a light-colored swimming pool liner.

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