A pool is a key financial investment. You should have an efficient pool heat pump to get the most out of your backyard pool be it day, night, rainy, sunny or winter. Picture the freedom of diving into your swimming pool with your children over winter break. Knowing children, once you allow them to have a great time in the swimming pool it is difficult to make them stop.

Pool Heat Pump

Heat pumps are very beneficial if you want to keep the pool water at a comfortable and constant temperature.

Advantages of using a pool heat pump:

It helps maximize your investment

Owning a backyard pool can increase your property’s value. In order to get the most value from your pool, El Dorado Hills Pool Service professionals recommend that you need to add a pool heat pump. Use a heater to enhance your pool and allow you to use it longer all year-round.

It is durable

A pool heat pump needs little care to continue providing you with the ability to keep your pool water warm throughout the year. With occasional pool service from our technicians, the unit will continuously function the way you want it. This will help you always to enjoy the water temperature of your choice.

Pool Heat Pump

Whether you already have a swimming pool or you’re are considering adding one to your backyard, consider adding a pool heat pump to enjoy all these benefits. Installing a backyard pool adds value, style, and function, to your property.

It extends your pool season

Adding a pool heat pump to your pool will help you to extend the swimming season. This will make you enjoy the pool water at the ideal temperature at any time. Because a heater transfers heat from the air to the swimming pool, it will help you enjoy a heated swimming pool when you want it without a huge surge in your energy costs.

Pool heat pump types

  • Solar heater: These use the sun’s heat to warm the pool water that is collected through solar panels. The water is pumped via the panels where it’s heated and then sent back to the swimming pool. Solar heaters are usually used together with other heating types. This is because their heating ability is lacking during cloudy days or at night.
  • Electric resistance: This kind of unit produces heat through electricity. As pool water flows over a heating element, it gets warmed.
  • Heat pumps: Energy saving heat pumps often pulls heat from one source and transfers that heat to the pool water.
  • Gas heater: These work by burning propane or natural gas inside a special chamber. Pool water is warmed as it passes through this chamber.

Pool Heat Pump

Pool Heat Pump- Installation and Maintenance

Optimize the efficiency of your pool heat pump through proper installation and maintenance. It is good to have an experienced El Dorado Hills Pool Service professional to install the heater. To get quality pools, the best workmanship, and low-cost good quality fixtures, equipment and materials, give us a call today.

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