The Pool Kings have done it again! The second episode of the Premier Pools & Spas season of Pool Kings, (airing on Monday nights), is here! Make sure to tune in and watch as we build over the top spectacular swimming pools. You’ll be absolutely blown away by the finished product when you see it. Here is the re-cap of episode 2; Temecula Mountain Lake Resort Pool.

“If you can dream it, we can build it!” – Pool Kings

“We Need Help Building Our Dream Pool!”

Homeowners Melissa & Barry Paul have 5 children between the ages 17-8. They’re a very active family that are looking to build the swimming pool of their dreams! ” We want a pool and backyard that’s desirable for the kids, so they will be inclined to stay home.” Melissa says. The Barry’s contacted the Pool Kings and Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula to help them out with their dream project.

Pool Kings- Temecula Mountain Lake Resort Pool 1Paul and Brian Porter are eager to get started on this mountain lake resort pool, while on the ride over to the Barry’s house they began to discuss design concepts and ideas to make this pool truly unique. Paul mentions the freeform designed pool concept they’ve come up with. He has a great idea for a diving cliff utilizing the hills in their backyard. It’ll be a challenge to pull it off, but he’s confident the Pool Kings are up to it.

How About a 20 Foot Diving Cliff?

Paul & Brian, show the homeowners the designs of the swimming pool. The pool will be equipped with a 20 ft high jumping cliff, with the deep end of the pool being 10 ft. There will be steps up the hillside to access the hidden spa that will be able to look over the whole backyard. There is also going to be another jumping point in front of the spa, which will be a bridge to access the 20 ft cliff jump. Melissa and Barry are then asked to make a decision. They have to choice between adding in a fire table near the entrance of the swimming pool or a professional basketball hoop. The couple wants to add an element of relaxation to the swimming pool for themselves; in result they decide on the fire table.

Pool Kings- Temecula Mountain Lake Resort Pool 2


First Things First, Down With That Retaining Wall!

The Pool Kings get started; first things first, the retaining wall is taken down. The only thing holding that mountain in place is the retaining wall, so that is what Brian is chiefly concerned about and takes care of making sure the pool is architecturally sound. Paul adds that this swimming pool will be 3 times bigger than a normal backyard swimming pool. Custom hand contouring is require when building a swimming pool this size, and the crew sculpts 2 tons of concrete to look like realistic rock. The Pool Kings add hand holds to act like a rock wall up the big jumping cliff. In addition to the hand holds, there are small rocks, dinosaur bones, and plants incorporated into the jumping cliff wall.

Pool Kings- Temecula Mountain Lake Resort Pool 3

Personal Special Touches Make This Pool Truly One of a Kind

Brian brings Melissa out to show her the progress of the swimming pool. She loves the way it’s turning out, but wants to add a few more special elements to the pool. She asks Brian if she can have her kids hand prints pressed into the wall, which he gladly says yes to. While all the kids are brought down into the pool to press their hand prints into the wall, Melissa feels guilty about not incorporating the professional basketball hoop, so she asks Brian if that is still possible. However since the swimming pool has already been plastered they can’t put a permanent basketball hoop in, but Brian suggests putting a basketball hoop into the planter that they’ll be able to remove whenever they want.

In 12 Weeks We Transformed This Backyard Into a Mountain Lake Resort

Finally after 12 weeks of building this mountain lake resort pool, the Pool Kings reveal it to the Paul’s. “Paul family here is your mountain lake resort pool!” Paul proudly shouts. The younger kid yells to the other kids “I call being the first to jump in!” This swimming pool is 3 times larger than the standard swimming pool, the ending measurements are 850 sq. ft. and 50 ft. long. “This is the best pool I’ve ever seen.” The oldest kids says. As the Pool Kings always say, “If you can dream it, we can build it!”

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