Pool ideas-fire pitWhen you’re building a pool on a budget, you may be trying to save costs by going for just the basics. But adding a pool fountain, pool jets, or even a fun and funky fire pit doesn’t have to break the bank or cause your pool loan to be out of reach.

You don’t need to settle for an overly simple pool with just the bare essentials if what you’re hoping for is something unique. And, most swimming pool loans will allow the inclusion of the features you want.

Utilizing your pool loan to include add-ons also lets you spread the payments out, so that you don’t get hit with a big bill for that winter cover you’ve been eyeing.

Inexpensive Pool Accessories You Can Include in Your Pool Loan

You can make your swimming experience more enjoyable with attractive pool features included in your pool loan, some of which run about $1000. dollars. Of course, fancier features and upgrades will cost more. Here are some pool accents for your consideration.

affordable deck jets for your pool loanDeck and Pool Jets

You don’t have to sacrifice your spa dreams due to lack of space or limited cash on hand.

Add hydro jets to enhance relaxation while utilizing your pool. They release circulated water back into the pool with higher pressures, similar to those in a spa or hot tub.

Deck jets are in-ground fountains that shoot thin water streams into the pool. With appropriate light fixtures, you can create a magical light show with a simple tap of your smartphone.

Pool Cover

A pool cover helps keep your pool clean and healthy all year, even when not in use. A Pool cover also provides safety, conserves water, and retains heat. In the long run, utilizing a cover can save you money on electrical bills and pool chemicals, so including one in your pool loan may make sense for you.

Pool Bubblers

Bubblers are short fountain-like water features that can not only add visual interest to your pool but also block sound. If you live in a hot climate, pool bubblers are a blessing for shallow areas. The rush of the water has a wonderful calming effect, much like a waterfall or spillover.

Fire Pit

Another sought-after poolside embellishment is an outdoor fire pit. An outdoor fire pit offers a warming spot for drying off and can be used throughout the year, not just during pool season.

If space is a constraint, add smaller fire interspersed throughout the pool area. They add a striking contrast to the cool blue water.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

automatic pool cleanerIn-pool cleaners and automatic cleaners make your life easier and give you a healthier pool. They are one of the wisest inclusions you can make in your swimming pool loan since they improve your pool filter’s efficiency.

A robotic pool cleaner can pick up the smallest of debris and dirt. Robotic cleaners save you money long-term, since they are energy efficient and help maintain a safe level of pool chemicals by removing pollutants and algae.

Automatic Chlorinator

Automatic chlorinators feed the pool the proper amounts of chemicals to maintain sanitary conditions. They ensure uniform distribution of chlorine. You simply put in dissolvable chlorine tablets that get released into your pool evenly over time.

Pool lighting

Pool lighting can add beauty, but it also serves another purpose. Pool lighting allows family and friends to swim safely in the pool in the dark.

You can select the number of lights you want, what type of bulb you want to use, what size, and even what color of light. LED pool lights are a popular choice for adding drama and safety simultaneously.

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