Pool tips are great but pool tips to help you save money are even better. In this article, I am going to talk to you about things you can do to save money on your pool.

You love having your pool and being able to enjoy the time that you have during the swimming season, but I am sure you have wondered about ways to save money on your pool. Being able to keep extra money in your pocket and keep your swimming pool is always a good thing.

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Pool Tips that Will Help You Keep Your Green

When you are thinking about pool tips and saving money, you do not want to use tips that are going to compromise the safety and purity of your pool. You still want to practice proper maintenance while you are trying to save cash. These tips make sure you are still doing what you need to do for your pool and help you save money.

#1 – Ensure that Your Vacuum Head is Stored Correctly

The reason most people have to replace their vacuum head is due to the fact that the brushes on the bottom of the vacuum have flattened out and in some cases, the brushes have completely fallen off the vacuums. You should store your vacuum head upside down. You also need to make sure it is stored out of the sun. During the winter, you need to keep it away from exposure to chlorine. These things will double the life of your vacuum head. This will save you a good bit of money since they can be expensive to replace.

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#2 – Keep Your Pool Clean During the Winter

Keeping your pool clean during the winter is going to make things much easier for you when the spring comes. It is going to save you money but it is also going to make it easier for you to open your pool. If you do not keep your pool clean during the winter, you are going to open your pool and it is going to look like a big mess.

When your pool has a mesh cover on it, you aren’t going to have much of a problem but you are going to see that you have debris and water on the top of your pool at some points. You want to make sure to clean it off. You can easily do this if you use a pool cover vacuum to get the water off and then you can sweep the debris off after the cover is dry.

#3 – Run Your Pool Pump During the Night

If you want to save some cash, make sure to run your pool pump during the night instead of during the peak hours of 7 am to 7 pm. The peak hours are when you are going to have the most expense with your electricity consumption.

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Pool Tips and Expert Help

If you need more pool tips or expert help, make sure to reach out to one of our friendly staff. We will be glad to help you with any challenges you are having.

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