Since it’s time to open your pool for the summer, you should check out the latest pool trends now. From trendy fire pits to dark pools and everything in between, there are many interesting upgrades that you can make to your swimming pool. Find out what trends are also going to be making a comeback for this season. Here are the top trends in pools that are trending this summer.

high quality pool features

A Swim Up Bar

Mostly, homeowners build a pool for a relaxing retreat in their backyard. If you add a swim-up bar to this feature, it becomes the ultimate spot to spend your evenings. You can customize the built-in bars in any design that suits your pool area and landscaping. Add some in-pool bar stools for more functionality and comfort.

Fascinating Fire Features

Use your imagination and incorporate a fire feature in your backyard for a serene ambiance. It is one of the coolest pool trends making their comeback again. Integrate a fire pit or a fireplace near your pool. A small fire feature can add a lot of beauty to your space. It is the perfect place to relax and hang out for your family and friends.

Glass Pool Tiles

Glass tiles look beautiful in a swimming pool. They reflect the lights of the water and create an iridescent look in your backyard. You can install glass tiles around the waterline or across the pool depending on your budget. In comparison to ceramic or porcelain tiles, glass tiles are more durable and have a variety of options. You can choose any shape, design, or size in these tiles.

Ledge Loungers

If you want to create a staycation destination in your backyard, incorporate your swimming pool with ledge and ledge loungers. Many pool designers are forsaking pool stairs and instead including ledges in their design. It mimics the gradual slopes in the natural beaches. Hence, you can also call them beach entry design. They are set at a depth of one foot and you can add ledge loungers for perfect comfort.

LED Lighting

Bright and colorful LED lights not only increase the appeal of your pool but also make it safer for swimming at night. LED lights are available in a variety of colors to choose from. You can install them under the pool or the water features that adorn your pool. They create an amazing effect on the water and invite you to enjoy your night swims.

Natural Decks

The latest pool trends extend to surrounding areas as well. You can use natural decking materials like limestone, travertine, or flagstone to design the pool deck and outdoor patio. Also, build tumbled pavers that offer better drainage and natural looks to the backyard. Recently, wood decking is also making a comeback with options like teak, cedar, and redwood. If you are willing to add a wooden deck, don’t forget to treat it with water-resistant sealers to prevent rotting.

spools in your backyard


For smaller backyards, a spool is a thoughtful idea. It is an excellent alternative for limited space. Also, it leaves ample space for other additions like an outdoor kitchen, pavilion, or backyard swing.

These are some interesting pool trends that are making their comeback this season.

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