Fiberglass pools might seem to be the simplest kind of pool to install. Simply excavate a hole and lower it in, right? In theory that is correct, but it isn’t quite that easy. Actually, builders commit errors always, and a shoddily built swimming pool results in an unhappy pool client. So if you’re thinking about a Louisiana fiberglass pool installation you are lucky.

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Here are important steps to a successful fiberglass pool installation.

Lay out the pool on site:

The pool builder will have the pool’s excavation sheet, which they create by having the pool’s 3D model. The measurements are provided with regards to how the hole for the swimming pool needs to be made to fit that specific pool design. Make sure you talk over the pool’s placement and any landscaping needs upfront. This is to ensure that everything might be taken into consideration before excavation starts. At this stage, the professional will mark the pool’s placement in your Louisiana backyard.


The experts will look at the levels of the hole as its being dug using the dig sheet. The dig sheet offers the pool’s progressive depths in order that the floor will allow for the swimming pool.

Setting the floor:

After completing the digging, the professionals lay a bed of sand on the floor to provide a base for the fiberglass pool. Guides in the form of screed bars are set up for the slope to help make the screeding process easy.

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Placement of the pool:

A crane lifts the pool into place. To make sure that access is possible, the builder will usually pay a visit to the site before your fiberglass pool installation to examine an access path or plan. Once the lowering of the pool into the hole is complete, all the levels are inspected to ensure the pool’s perfectly level and ready for backfilling.

Backfilling & Plumbing:

A fiberglass pool’s backfill is usually sand mixed with 10 percent cement, crusher dust or gravel for stability. To offer an equal measure of stability and pressure, the pool will be simultaneously filled using with water while it’s backfilled. The pool’s plumbing basics include installing a skimmer box to the pool’s deep end and making sure PVC piping runs to the filtration. After finishing those steps, the salt chlorinator and pump filter are going to be set. Then, the piping is returned to the pool’s shallow end with two return jets.

Reinforcement & Paving:

To start making the swimming pool look complete, the professionals will glue pavers to the top of the bong beam. These add to the pool’s look by covering the pool’s coping. After this, the installers complete the decking, together with any landscaping.

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Fiberglass Pool Installation – Conclusion

Your fiberglass pool is now ready for use! Professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana will make sure that the site is spotless and will hand it over to you. The experts will discuss with you basic operation procedures. This is to ensure that you begin swimming as soon as you can.

The fiberglass pool installation process is easy and fast. This will provide you with lots of time to use the pool before winter sets in once more in a couple of months!

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