Choosing a contractor to build your Portland pool is the toughest decision you make. Sorting the list of the closest Portland pool contractors takes time. Otherwise, you could pick an experienced contractor, but has no expertise in your pool needs. Hence, you need to have patience and spend time in researching your available options. So, here we give a few tips to select the right pool builder near you.

Look Online to Narrow Down Your Options

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The web is your friend in these matters. In order to find pool contractors that can fulfill your requirements, search online. When you find the choices you have, filter them based on their experience and expertise. Now that you have sorted out the list, visit the websites of each one. And find about their services and portfolio. Pick the ones that offer post-installation services like repair, maintenance, and remodeling.

First, look at the testimonials from their previous clients available on their websites. Second, go to their gallery and past projects lists and see if any of the designs appeal to you. While you are there, see if they offer design customizations. The most important thing you need to check is if they are certified. Finally, make an appointment.

Meet the Builders and Their Clients in Person

The next obvious step is to visit the company directly. Even though many Portland pool contractors offer free estimates, visit their store too. Ask them for referrals and request to look at their previous projects. If they hesitate or don’t give you the details of their recent projects, consider this as a red flag. Contact the references and find out their experience during the project time.

Go to the builder’s showroom and assess their employees’ knowledge and skill to an extent. Additionally, find out if they are friendly to their prospective clients. This goes a long way during the project duration. Remember that there might be some issues during any construction process. So, they must be able to accommodate you or at least explain why something cannot work. Hence, you must have the right emotional fit with your pool builder.

Do Not Rush into an Agreement

Most people act too quickly without considering all the important aspects. Get estimates from at least three Portland pool contractors before making a decision. One thing to remember is that your pool is a big investment for your home. Your backyard staycation is not just for one season, you must also enjoy it for years to come.

Understand your rights and don’t sign the contract without having full information. Ask for reading material on pool building and let the contractors put all their promises in writing. Particularly, check their Liability Insurance, State Contractor’s license, and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

What Do You Need to Know?

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Even though you have signed the builder’s contract, it is not binding on them unless an officer of the firm signs it. Their terms mentioned are subject to change. For instance, let us say that you have signed the contract at their firm, but did not yet finance the pool. Then their three-day cooling off period or the rescission clause will not be applicable. Furthermore, if you wish to cancel, you might have to pay around $1,500 as a penalty.

With these points in mind, look for a fair and honest pool builder in Portland. Also, you can tell a lot about someone by the good vibes you get from them. Hence listening to your gut is a great idea to find the right builder for your backyard pool.

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