With summer upon us, it’s time to remodel your pool with fun features like rock water slides. It will not only enhance the aesthetic value of your backyard, but will also earn you the envy of your neighbors. A custom water feature can always add more value to your home. It creates the perfect backdrop to enjoy stay-cation tucked in the cozy environment of your own home. Here are the reasons to choose water slides as a water feature for your pool.

Water Slides

Reduce Stress

There’s a lot to keep you busy for the days. But you seek respite from this mundane schedule. Instead of slipping out of your home, enjoy a relaxing time in your own backyard with amazing water features. You can install an interesting water feature like a rock water slide to give your pool a natural beauty. This slide can enhance the overall appeal of your pool with a rock grotto and a waterfall to complete it.

Keeps You Outdoors

If your pool deck holds beautiful and fun features like waterslides, you’ll hardly find a reason to stay indoors. It looks like a tropical resort and you can spend all day sitting by the pool. A rock slide adds beauty to your backyard and turns it into a peaceful oasis. It will make you spend more time outdoors.

When you stay outside, your body gets more of vitamin D and natural sunlight that helps in several ways. It improves the health of your skin and refreshes your mind. In fact, there’s research to prove that spending more time outdoors reduces the risk of developing depression, cardiovascular ailments, and cancer. It builds your immune system and improves your overall quality of life.

Reduces the Stress

As mentioned earlier, time spent near a rock feature and your pool can diminish the stress from your mind. The sound of soothing waterfall on the natural rock grotto is quiet and comforting. It relieves your stress and frees your mind. Whether you are swimming the pool or sliding down the rock water slides, this sound will make you feel more relaxed and elated.

Allow Customization

When you choose a poolside water feature like a rock slide, you have to customize the design and size of this installation. Choose a design that’s sturdy, affordable, and easy to install. You can also select engineered materials that imitate the look of real rock when designing rock water slides.

Water Slides

Increases the Home Value

Although a swimming pool with rock slides may not increase the value of your home conventionally, it does make some changes. Not every buyer is willing to pay more for a home having a pool. But, a pool with custom water features increases the financial value of your home.

It is an ideal property for buyers who prefer a home with a swimming pool. A custom pool feature will make your backyard more desirable for such interested buyers. And, a gorgeous grotto waterfall and rock slide are definitely much more alluring than a plastic slide.

These are some compelling reasons to choose rock water slides for your pool in Austin.

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